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Set Custom Alerts for E-Maintenance Thresholds


When engine and vehicle health isn’t checked regularly – or when scheduled checks are forgotten – breakdowns become more likely and more costly. E-Maintenance is a powerful tool that automates checkup scheduling, sending customized email, text, or Advanced Map notifications to you and your mechanics. Follow these steps to personalize your vehicles’ maintenance thresholds and Read more…

Using the Advanced Map


FleetUp’s Advanced Map gives you an even faster way to check the real-time status of your fleet, rapidly solve problems, and share data with customers and partners. A: As soon as you login, you’ll see the Advanced Map B: You can return to the previous map by selecting the “Classic Map” tab (B). C: To find a specific Read more…

Create a Custom Alert


Custom alerts allow users to create personalized notifications based on job responsibilities, shift time, geographic region, and more. Follow these instructions to create a custom alert: Select your account name. Select “Setting.” Select “Notification Setting.” Select “Create Alert Notification.” Create your custom alert name. Check the types of alerts you want to receive, for example Read more…

Create a Geofence


“Geofences” are virtual borders. By using our Geofencing tool, users create customized digital fences around specific areas. Then, they adjust their Geofence settings to choose which alerts they receive – for example, when vehicles enter or leave a geofence or when vehicles speed inside a geofence. Follow these steps to build your own geofence. On Read more…

View Trip History Reports


With Trip History Reports, users can more efficiently manage their fleets by ensuring driver accountability, seeing where drivers are stopping for breaks, and learning which routes are causing slow-downs. Follow these steps to see your Trip History Reports. In the home page, click the “Vehicles” tab. Click the calendar icon to choose the date of Read more…

Create a Job and Assign It to Staff


Let FleetUp streamline your internal communications. Use your fleet performance platform to assign jobs and keep everyone – from the back office staff to your drivers – informed and on-task. Follow these steps to create and assign a job. Click the “Job” tab. Click the “New Job” tab. Enter a Job Name, Location, and Description. Read more…

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