Real-time GPS asset management software for any asset at any time

Know exactly where your asset is at any time from any device with an all-in-one GPS asset tracking software. Remotely monitor any asset, from containers, trailers, and reefers to palates and packages.

Track and secure any asset, anywhere

Real-time GPS asset tracking software puts your most distant assets in the palm of your hand with instant access to data so you can respond to problems quickly. Automated reports help you identify inefficiencies and constantly improve processes.

All-in-one asset tracking software:
Counting up the benefits

Live map

Monitor your assets on an interactive map to quickly check the real-time status of your asset, receive real-time updates, and rapidly resolve problems.

Intuitive dashboard

Gain valuable insights into the most impactful metrics for your business with an intuitive dashboard that brings your data to life.

Stop analysis

Review the locations of your asset’s frequent stops and the amount of time they remain there so you can determine if the stops are legitimate or if your assets are at risk.

Movement detection

Identify any unusual vehicle movement outside of your regular business hours to prevent theft, misuse, and damage.

Real-time alerts and live ETA

See exactly where your assets are at any time and send customers accurate estimated time of arrival.

Battery life monitoring

View device battery level and charging status to prevent unexpected power loss.

Take a peek under the hood