Fleet management software for oil, gas and mining

Manage and protect your fleet with FleetUp’s all-in-one oil, gas and mining fleet GPS tracking system

Streamline your oil, mining, or gas business with equipment tracking. FleetUp’s cloud fleet management software automates daily tasks and optimizes long-term projects. Transform your operation by:

Tracking any asset

FleetUp tracks everything from heavy equipment to small tools to vehicles.

Managing staff in real time

See where teams succeed. Stop unproductive staff from causing problems.

Eliminating losses

Pinpoint and eliminate the wasteful practices that reduce business revenue.

Increasing productivity

Increasing productivity

Eliminate losses and maximize profits

Equipment maintenance is costly. Every hour equipment isn’t on the job drains revenue. Fleet monitoring keeps equipment onsite and working longer.

Dangerous worksites, hazardous materials, and large loads are daily risks for every oil, mining, and gas operation. FleetUp tracking flags potential liabilities so you can avoid catastrophe.

The loss of a single piece of equipment can make hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of expected income vanish. FleetUp keeps your extraction schedule on time and guards against misuse and theft.

Oil, mining, and gas operations involve countless moving parts. Employees move from worksite to worksite, performing a huge number of tasks. FleetUp helps you manage and track it all.

Maximize equipment uptime

  • Receive automated text and email alerts when construction equipment is in danger of breakdown.
  • Catch engine problems early via automated email and text notifications.
  • Instantly locate the nearest available equipment when new jobs need to be started.
  • Identify underused oil, mining, and gas equipment.

Monitor the safety of remote staff

  • Receive automated email and text alerts when vehicles speed.
  • Guard against unauthorized equipment use. When equipment is turned on during off hours or taken off oil, mining, and gas worksites, automated alerts are sent to your email and phone.
  • Reduce on-the-road liability. FleetUp’s Driver Safety Scorecards watch and tracks your drivers, revealing who can be trusted and who needs to be retrained.

Prevent theft and loss

  • Stop thieves from taking advantage of isolated oil, mining, and gas worksites. Receive automated alerts when valuable equipment is taken offsite.
  • Locate and recover lost equipment. Covertly installed devices are difficult to find and regularly update their GPS location.

Improve workflows on and off job sites

  • Maintain accurate records with the FleetUp Driver mobile app. Employees can use it to remotely fill out electronic DVIRs.
  • Accurately track employee working hours. Remote employees can use FleetUp Driver to electronically clock in and clock out.
  • Reduce unnecessary bonus pay by monitoring overtime hours on FleetUp’s software.
  • Automate payroll, freeing your back office staff to work on more productive tasks.

Learn how FleetUp will optimize your oil, mining, or gas revenue.

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