Real-time GPS agriculture and farming fleet tracking

Manage and protect your equipment and vehicles

Manage every asset on one comprehensive platform

From tractors to harvesters to planters, FleetUp helps agriculture and farming operations monitor and manage every piece of equipment. Real-time updates occur every 10 seconds, sending information about GPS location, engine status, and more to FleetUp’s easy-to-use cloud platform.

FleetUp’s tracking devices are small and discreet, helping customers recover lost and stolen assets. Whether customers want to cut down on mechanic costs, prevent theft, or create a centralized maintenance schedule, the FleetUp platform helps them optimize their operation.

Get the greatest return from your biggest investments


Agriculture e-maintenance scheduling

Enjoy better-than-ever equipment and vehicle performance with automated maintenance cycle scheduling, streamlined communication, and real-time quality assurance of agriculture assets. With a proactive maintenance plan, you’ll decrease vehicle downtime, centralize your record-keeping, and avoid breakdowns and costly repairs.

Real-time engine diagnostics

FleetUp’s all-in-one equipment and vehicle tracking devices notify you immediately of service issues to help prevent avoidable breakdowns and minimize more costly repairs. Slash fuel waste, check any asset’s engine health in seconds, and fix small problems before they turn into major catastrophes.

Patented fuel management

Fuel accounts for 60% of the average fleet’s budget, so it’s crucial to reduce your fuel costs as much as possible. FleetUp’s cutting-edge fuel monitoring tools can cut fuel use by 10%. Minimize waste due to mechanical issues and poor driving habits and save money at the pump.

Centralized digital platform

Automate maintenance alerts, keep all of your files in a centralized location, and make sure every mechanic stays on the same page. Our customers report less asset downtime and big improvements in record-keeping.

Avoid high-cost agriculture asset failure

The most expensive equipment repairs rarely come out of the blue–there’s almost always warning. With real-time monitoring and timely alerts, you can act before disaster strikes and save significantly on repair costs.

Minimize asset down time

Having your assets off the job costs you money. Easier repairs require less time in the shop. Get your assets in top working order and back at work as quickly as possible with FleetUp diagnostics devices and software.

Save money on repair costs

No one likes surprise breakdowns. Rely less on mechanics to handle lengthy, expensive emergencies. Instead, prolong the life of your assets by helping your team identify early preventive maintenance needs.

Get back on the job quickly

  • Compatible with all agriculture assets and equipment.
  • Hardwire into assets without OBD ports in under 10 minutes, even without a technician.
  • Your data is stored even if your assets lose network connection and sent as connections restart.

Anticipate mechanical issues

  • Notice the warning signs that occur before major repairs are needed.
  • Never miss automated preventative alert sent via email or SMS.
  • Schedule minor repairs and maintenance before they become more serious problems.

Monitor engines in real time

  • Check any vehicle’s engine health in seconds with real-time monitoring.
  • Receive engine-specific fault codes sent directly to the FleetUp cloud platform.
  • Share Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) with partners and approved third parties.

Get back on the road quickly

  • Avoid unnecessary breakdowns with less time-consuming, proactive maintenance.
  • Waterproof hardware keeps working even in tough environmental conditions.
  • Your data is stored even if your vehicles lose network connection and sent as connections restart.

Make your agriculture business safe, productive, and profitable