Manage your workforce and keep staff happier, longer

Let FleetUp handle payroll busywork and minimize errors – so you can focus on driving your business forward.

Improve efficiency, prevent fraud,
and increase driver retention

Automated workforce management helps you organize your entire team using a single platform that’s accessible anytime, anywhere. Reduce driver downtime, optimize delivery schedules, and track working hours automatically. During this period of high driver demand, advanced trucking technology will help you keep tabs on payroll costs while also keeping your drivers happier and your company well-staffed.

Promote teamwork

  • Help solo drivers feel like part of a team with FleetUp’s mobile chat feature.
  • Keep open lines of communications to admins, managers, dispatchers, and more.
  • Keep employees connected and make big organizations feel smaller and friendlier.

Prevent fraud

  • Accurately monitor remote employees’ overtime claims.
  • Prevent even the most modest of false claims, which cause thousands lost per year.
  • Remove the guesswork with cutting-edge GPS technologies and trip history reporting.

Streamline reporting

  • Help your staff work faster and more efficiently with payroll reporting technologies.
  • Automatically turn data collected by GPS and mobile apps into payroll reports.
  • Speed up your accounting and eliminate confusion, mistakes, and calculation errors.

Reduce detention time

  • Reduce the time drivers are stuck in line, waiting for their turn to unload.
  • Text or email accurate ETA data so customers, partners, and recipients can prepare.
  • Create virtual borders around any space and track detention time within each space.
  • Monitor and work with badly managed docks that are holding drivers too long.

Reduce costly mistakes

  • Eliminate mistakes due to faulty memories, driver fatigue, or confusing paperwork.
  • Eliminate unnecessary clerical confusion and make your back-office staff’s job easier.
  • Use FleetUp’s HOS voice assistant to warn drivers before their on-duty driving period ends.
  • Flag non-compliant records and suggest corrections so drivers can fix them right away.

Keep your drivers happy

  • Competitive pay isn’t enough. Help drivers like their jobs and feel appreciated.
  • Make driving easier with a mobile app that takes one-click to sign-on and sign-off jobs.
  • Apps available for both iOS and Android phones make meticulous paperwork a breeze.
  • Let your drivers choose their language of choice: either English or Spanish.

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