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Create a job and assign it to staff

Let FleetUp streamline your internal communications. Use your fleet performance platform to assign jobs and keep everyone – from the back office staff to your drivers – informed and on-task.

Follow these steps to create and assign a job.

  1. Click the “Job” tab.
  2. Click the “New Job” tab.
  3. Enter a Job Name, Location, and Description.
  4. Set a Job Period by clicking the calendar icon.
  5. Click the date when the job starts and the date when the job ends.
  6. When you’ve set the correct dates, click “Apply.”
  7. Choose all drivers or vehicles in a group by clicking the header (A and B) or choose one driver and vehicle by clicking their names (C and D).
  8. Add any other necessary information (Customer Info, Additional Info, Notes), then click “Submit.”
  9. In the “Message” pop-up, click “Ok.”

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