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A: To cancel your contract, send FleetUp written notice of intent not to renew at least thirty days prior to the expiration of any existing term.

A: Our goal is to give you the ultimate customer experience. We understand that some things are beyond your company’s control. Should you need to discontinue your subscription, contact your Customer Success Specialist.

A: Yes, we’ll create an invoice and send it to you. Next year, before auto-renewal, we’ll ask if you want to pre-pay again or make monthly payments.

A: If you haven’t paid your bill for 90 days, your devices and account will be shut down. Your bill will be sent to collections if you don’t make partial or full payment of your balance.

A: Yes.

A: Your bill is due every month on the date that your contract was signed.

A: We accept auto-pay, checks, and “payment link” with debit cards, credit cards, or bank account numbers.

A: We send a monthly invoice to your email.

A: Your first payment will be due 30 days after you signed your contract.

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