The industry’s best fleet asset tracking devices

Comprehensive line of GPS asset trackers offers unmatched reliability, long battery life and self-sustaining solar charging options, easy DIY installation, and advanced fleet monitoring and theft deterrence.

Navigating complexity with
simple solutions

Running a fleet is a complex business. You need to track, monitor and protect hundreds or even thousands of assets, pieces of equipment and cargo over time and long distances.

FleetUp asset trackers help you track and optimize your utilization of physical assets in real-time giving you all the information you need to make better decisions, faster.

FleetUp uses GPS tracking, movement detection, geofences, alerts, and reporting to help you locate and protect containers, trailers and more from theft and misplacement.

All FleetUp products are easy to install, scalable, and rugged, making them ideal for resilient operations.

FleetUp offers three types of asset tracking solutions to meet all your needs: battery powered, solar powered, and engine powered.

Advanced capabilities, state-of-the-art fleet tracking

Don’t compromise when it comes to managing and protecting your fleet.
Only FleetUp offers all these industry-leading features.

Real-time GPS updates

Get the most accurate, continuous location updates available — every 10 seconds. Send live ETA updates via email and SMS to keep your team informed 24/7. Customize secure data sharing access for clients and trusted partners.

Share Live ETAs

Give your customers and partners up-to-the-minute real-time live ETA of deliveries via email and/or SMS. Build trust, improve customer satisfaction, increase client loyalty, and get a step ahead of the competition.

Dynamic geofences

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your entire fleet with flexible, virtual geographic borders that can be created and adjusted as needed. Use transit time analysis and entering and exit alerts to flag unexpected movements or delays and react quickly to unforeseen events.

Advanced movement detection

Protection Mode detects suspicious vehicle movement outside your usual business hours, stopping theft, misuse, and damage in their tracks. Create multiple schedules with different hours for acceptable use during workweeks and weekends, for example. Send custom SMS or email alerts of any infractions.

Streamlined fleet admin

Access FleetUp’s cloud-based platform anytime, from any desktop or mobile device. Track assets through live GPS and satellite views on the Advanced Map. Receive trip replay videos via email. Build custom reports to track your most critical metrics.

FleetUp’s suite of GPS asset trackers has you covered

FleetUp 5QS: Tracking for fixed assets

A self-contained, continuously recharging solar-powered tracker for owned assets like trailers, dry van containers, generators, or heavy equipment.

Simple installation, permanently affixed to the top of the asset, provides real-time visibility.

Unlimited battery life — solar power charges faster than it consumes battery. Install devices once and forget about them.

Track GPS location at 10-second intervals and share live ETA and shipment status data with clients.

React quickly to unplanned incidents with Protection Mode and stop analysis.

Track assets and take needed actions through FleetUp’s online platform and the mobile app.

FleetUp 4CJ: Tracking for containers and trailers on the move

Best suited for cargo and shipping containers where the containers are being transferred between transport services.

Track GPS location at 10-second intervals and send clients live ETA data. Protection Mode and stop analysis included.

Strong security features with automatic break-in alerts, cable cut alerts, remote locking and lock/unlock status.

Ruggedized, waterproof SmartLock GPS with magnet allows easy DIY installation on any container.

Easily remove the 4CJ when it reaches its destination and reinstall it on another container.

Rechargeable with battery level alerts and 90-day battery life — much longer than other asset trackers on the market.

Track cargo and take needed actions through FleetUp’s online platform and the mobile app.

Device runs on a rechargeable battery or can be hardwired.

Optional solar charger extends battery life indefinitely.

FleetUp Solar Charger: Nearly limitless battery life extension

Designed to extend the battery life of 4CJ or 4CT. Dramatically extend the battery life of devices affixed to the outside of vehicles, equipment, shipping containers, trailers, and reefers.

Keep trackers charged in sunlight.

Reduce time spent monitoring and recharging devices.

Continue tracking the location of stolen assets and assist law enforcement in asset recovery.

FleetUp 4CT: Temperature and humidity control for food, medicine, and chemicals

Monitor temperature and humidity of sensitive cargo, proactively minimize loss and spoilage and maximize freshness and quality.

Self-install the ruggedized, waterproof SmartLock GPS with Power Wire installation and wireless temperature sensor.

Track GPS location of trailers, chassis, and reefers in real time, share live ETA and shipment status data with clients.

Deter thieves with dynamic geofencing. Track and receive real-time SMS and email alerts on container lock/unlock status.

Access cargo status and location anytime using the FleetUp online platform and mobile app.

Protection Mode and stop analysis for even greater peace of mind and security.

Device runs on a rechargeable battery or can be hardwired. Temperature sensors are battery operated.

FleetUp 5TA: Tracking and protection for portable assets and cargo

Simple, discreet DIY installation in any location. Best suited for high-value shipments in containers, pallets, and packages.

The perfect back up tracker. If the outside tracker is stolen or destroyed, the 5TA can still track the cargo from inside the box.

Ruggedized, waterproof GPS with magnet install ensures cargo security even in tough environments.

Track GPS location at industry-leading 10-second intervals and share live data with clients and trusted partners.

Protection Mode, stop analysis, and continued tracking give you an extra edge in recovering lost or stolen assets.

Stay on top of cargo status and movement with the FleetUp mobile and desktop apps.

Device runs on a rechargeable battery.

Connect and protect your fleet’s assets and cargo
with the industry’s best tracking solutions