Slash fuel waste with cutting-edge fleet fuel management

Statistics show that 20% of drivers contribute to 80% of fuel waste. But FleetUp’s innovative fleet fuel management system translates directly to fleet fuel efficiency.

Reduce fuel waste and improve fleet fuel efficiency


Identify problem drivers

FleetUp’s fleet fuel management software enables you to identify drivers with fuel-wasting behaviors, so you can stop them before they become a problem.

Track fuel use

Accurately track, record, and analyze how your fleet is using fuel. Once you have that information, it’s much easier to find solutions.

Pinpoint fuel waste causes

Whether it’s fuel-wasting behavior, the specific vehicles in your fleet, or inefficient route planning, our fleet fuel management software can pinpoint the biggest causes of fuel waste.

Save 10% or more on fuel costs

Fuel accounts for 60% of an average fleet’s budget, so it’s crucial to keep fuel costs as low as possible. With FleetUp’s comprehensive fleet fuel management system, you can:

  • Monitor fuel consumption for your entire fleet
  • Track drivers and pinpoint fuel wasting behaviors
  • Optimize routes with fuel economy in mind
  • Cut fuel use by 10% or more

Tracking your fleet fuel consumption has never been easier

FleetUp’s innovative fleet fuel management system saves you more money at the pump. Don’t rely on guesswork and wishful thinking. You’ll know exactly how your fleet is using fuel and how much fuel is being wasted. Track fuel consumption for your entire fleet, including driver and vehicle-specific metrics.

Put an end to fuel waste
in your business

Pinpoint fuel-wasting behavior

FleetUp’s fleet fuel management system shows how your fleet is wasting fuel and pinpoints the biggest offenders, and then tells you how to prevent that loss. See which vehicles in your fleet are using a disproportionate amount of fuel and schedule necessary maintenance to get your fuel spending under control.

Coach drivers to greater profits

Once you have an idea of the biggest cause of fuel waste in your business and have a strategy for fixing it, use that information to coach your drivers to higher profits. Identify which drivers are wasting the most fuel and work with them to change wasteful habits – plus reward drivers for fuel efficiency.


Accurate and comprehensive fuel waste analysis

Identify the factors contributing to your fleet’s fuel waste because of poor driving habits like idling, hard braking, harsh accelerating, and speeding.

FleetUp’s software collects engine data and monitors individual drivers to accurately track and analyze your fuel consumption.

Generate fuel usage reports to view total fuel consumption and fuel waste reports to discover which vehicles are wasting fuel due to possible mechanical issues.

Take a peek under the hood