Equipment tracking software with real-time location updates

Locate, monitor and protect your equipment with an all-in-one GPS equipment tracking software.

Strengthen your operations

Your equipment is your organization’s most critical muscle. It digs, it builds, and it gets the job done. FleetUp’s equipment management software keeps your business strong by keeping your equipment in top shape.

FleetUp provides access to real-time data, so you can instantly review location, engine status, and more. It creates automated reports to pinpoint workflow weaknesses and help keep equipment in optimal operating condition.

FleetUp’s GPS equipment tracking system:
Counting up the benefits

10-second data updates

Personalize how often your device updates. Choose 10 seconds for on-the-move assets, 24 hours for equipment that is stationary, or any time interval that fits your asset’s needs.

Tailor-made geofences

Place geofences around any location. Set unique equipment tracking parameters for each geofence, including asset speed, departure notifications, and more.

Personalized equipment tracking alerts

Create real-time alerts — like engine alerts and theft alerts — for every team member in your organization, from mechanics to security.

Permanent tracking records

Watch trip history videos to see where your assets went and when. This data helps you document equipment misuse, locate stolen assets, and more.

Remote management

From diagnostics and maintenance to workforce management, get insights into your equipment wherever you are.

All-in-one solution

Review every asset’s GPS location, access real-time equipment tracking data, communicate with operators, and more from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Take a peek under the hood