Fleet Management Software for Delivery

Manage and protect your fleet with FleetUp’s all-in-one delivery fleet GPS tracking system

Delivery fleet software that covers everything from engines to drivers to end-customers

Delivering shipments isn’t simple. In order to put packages in customers’ hands, fleet managers need to cover a lot of bases – they need their vehicles to stay in good shape, they need their drivers to safely stay on time, and they need to make sure new customers turn into returning customers.

FleetUp’s fleet management platform keeps delivery operations running smoothly. Live GPS tracking and automated safety notifications shows where drivers are and how well they’re driving. Engine alerts notify managers when vehicles need attention. And live ETA gives customers the real-time delivery data that will keep them coming back to your business.

Live ETA is the customer support feature that
separates you from the competition

Real-time accuracy

Live ETA is a real-time feature that gives your customers up-to-the-minute accuracy.

Satisfied customers

Customers give return business to delivery operations that transparently share ETA data.

Easy email send

On the FleetUp platform, sharing Live ETA with customers is simple, intuitive, and fast.

Avoid high-cost vehicle failure

The most expensive vehicle repairs rarely come out of the blue–there’s almost always warning. With real-time monitoring and timely alerts, you can act before disaster strikes and save significantly on repair costs.

Minimize vehicle down time

Having your vehicles off the road costs you money. Easier repairs require less time in the shop. Get your vehicles in top working order and back on the road as quickly as possible with FleetUp diagnostics devices and software.

Save money on repair costs

No one likes surprise breakdowns. Rely less on mechanics to handle lengthy, expensive emergencies. Instead, prolong the life of your vehicles by helping your team identify early preventive maintenance needs.

A mobile office for your on-the-road team

Promote teamwork

  • Help solo drivers feel like part of a team with FleetUp’s mobile chat feature.
  • Keep open lines of communications to admins, managers, dispatchers, and more.
  • Keep employees connected and make big organizations feel smaller and friendlier.

Prevent fraud

  • Accurately monitor remote employees’ overtime claims.
  • Prevent even the most modest of false claims, which cause thousands lost per year.
  • Remove the guesswork with cutting-edge GPS technologies and trip history reporting.

Streamline reporting

  • Help your staff work faster and more efficiently with payroll reporting technologies.
  • Automatically turn data collected by GPS and mobile apps into payroll reports.
  • Speed up your accounting and eliminate confusion, mistakes, and calculation errors.

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