Intermodal container tracking and security that goes the distance

Real-time GPS solutions that deliver complete visibility and safety

Smart solutions for a complex shipping environment

Intermodal shipping, moving goods using multiple methods over long distances, is a backbone of today’s global economy. But intermodal transport is not without significant challenges across all stages of your cargo’s journey.

You need complete visibility and control of your assets at every point in the supply chain on land, rail or sea.

Your containers are at greatest risk at transfer points, where shipping methods switch from one mode to another. Thieves, smugglers, terrorists and illegal traffickers take advantage of both the complexity of intermodal transport and the inefficiency of manual or outdated processes to wreak havoc. 

In addition, disruptions from severe weather, labor disputes, and supply shortages mean you need to continuously monitor and track your cargo’s location to improve asset utilization, reduce costs and create a more sustainable and streamlined supply chain.

Protect your cargo and gain improved operational efficiency with FleetUp.

Simplify and improve your trucking operations

With FleetUp’s GPS tracking solution for the trucking and logistics industries, you can handle all the challenges of running a trucking fleet. See everything about your fleet, from safety and tracking to compliance and fuel costs. Track your fleet’s location at all times. Enhance safety, driver satisfaction, and efficiency. Keep up with federal regulations, oversee and train your drivers’ behaviors, and control fuel costs and idling. One platform does it all.  Learn more »

Track cargo on railways across North America

FleetUp’s GPS tracking containers via rail is a technology that allows shippers and logistics providers to monitor the location and status of their cargo in real time. By installing GPS devices on the containers, the system can track the movement of the containers along the rail network, as well as detect any anomalies such as delays, theft, damage, or tampering. FleetUp can improve the efficiency, security, and visibility of the supply chain, as well as reduce costs and environmental impact.   Learn more »

Connect every port to your business

When shippers use FleetUp, they’ll be better partners, they will help you move assets more efficiently, preventing theft and smuggling. Optimize day-to-day operations and improve long-term partner relationships by working collaboratively. FleetUp’s real-time visibility shows you the status of third-party assets in your port, helping you give businesses the cloud fleet management software they need to work smarter, faster, and safer. Learn more »


Uninterrupted supply chain visibility — from ports to rail to trucking

Without proper 24/7 visibility into the location and status of your containers, your cargo may be at greater risk for theft and more vulnerable to smugglers and other criminals. You may also waste too much valuable time searching for available containers.

To avoid potential loss, frustration and inefficiencies, you need a system that can help you manage all your containers by providing you the right information, at the right time, right at your fingertips. 

FleetUp solutions can help protect your cargo, reduce operating costs, improve asset utilization, and mitigate key business risks associated with managing assets and cargo across complex shipping, port and intermodal transport networks.

FleetUp’s smart container telematics for multimodal assets provides uninterrupted visibility, security and traceability of dry and refrigerated containers, chassis, and cargo traveling through complex global supply chains on land, rail, and sea.

You need foolproof tracking, monitoring and security. Gain full visibility and control of your cargo and containers from anywhere in the world. With this new transparency, you can reduce costs and create new revenue opportunities. Discover how FleetUp can enhance your business operations and address supply chain challenges. 

Tracking, security, and accountability that covers the distance

Better supply chain visibility and intelligence

Get unprecedented real-time visibility into the status and location of all your assets and cargo, no matter where they are, anytime with FleetUp’s all-in-one platform. Set custom alerts to keep your team informed of critical updates in real time.

Rugged and reliable intermodal capabilities

FleetUp’s GPS tracking devices are long-lasting and rugged, particularly suited for shipments using multiple modes of transportation — including rail, ship, aircraft, and truck. Gain peace of mind, whether your goods are currently en route or being held in docks or ports, stored in warehouses, or transferring to the next stage of transport.

Theft detection and prevention

Traditional cargo seals are obsolete. By the time you know your locks have been broken and containers breached, it’s much too late to take corrective action. FleetUp’s GPS trackers help deter thieves and allow you to respond and recover quickly with relevant data to law enforcement when incidents do occur.

Smuggling deterrence

Smuggling is on the rise and is more dangerous than ever, whether criminals are attempting to move drugs, weapons, people, or other illicit goods. Modern threats come not just from terrorist organizations, but entire countries. Protect your shipments and people with industry-leading GPS technology.

Long distance protection mode

Stop thieves in their tracks and protect your valuable assets with customized incident alerts and remote engine shutoff. Control who can unlock containers from your headquarters or grant access cards only to trusted employees. Detect movement and send alerts when cargo is moved during non-transit hours or out of designated areas.

Improve quality of service

Organizations that have more control over the shipping process can better meet the needs of their customers. Smart container tracking optimizes operations and minimizes the possibility that containers will be damaged or lost and reduces container dwell times.

GPS solutions you can count on

Monitor GPS location and status in real time over the road, rail, air or sea and in ports, terminals and warehouses.

Respond quickly to SMS or email alerts when seals are broken. Discourage incidents and resume operations more quickly.

Use Protection Mode to detect movement during non-transit hours to guard against theft.

Set up virtual geofences to deter thieves, with alerts when cargo is moved out of designated areas or during pre-determined time windows.

Review the locations of frequent stops to determine if the stops are legitimate or if they are in high-risk areas.

Protect temperature- and humidity-sensitive goods like food or medicine. Take swift action to protect shipment quality and minimize spoilage or losses.

Centralize data for your entire operations. FleetUp’s all-in-one platform lets you track the location and status of cargo 24/7, from desktop or mobile.

Use remote access controls to lock and unlock containers and control engines from your main office, or give access key cards to assigned individuals.

Enhance partner collaboration and communication with up-to-the-minute data. Provide transparency and keep everyone on the same page through your shipment’s entire journey.

Protect your cargo, your profits, and your peace of mind over the long haul