Fleet compliance made simple

Streamline operations and protect your profits while preventing costly violations

Comprehensive fleet compliance solutions

Keeping your entire operation compliant can be complicated and time consuming. Your fleet is always on the go and regulations change frequently.

And it’s not like you can always be at your desk. You need to

  • Manage your fleet anytime, from anywhere
  • Stay on top of reporting and fleet compliance requirements
  • Keep your drivers safe and your staff productive

All while protecting your assets and bottom line.

ELDs improve driver safety and make running your operation easier — automating paperwork, reducing admin tasks, and cutting down on the manual errors that could cost you in an audit.

But a complete fleet compliance solution will also make sure you’re always up to date on the latest regulations, help you save on insurance premiums, limit the fines you and your drivers pay, and curtail losses from asset and vehicle theft and fuel waste.

The best solution should be exactly what your fleet needs right now — and scale as you grow.

FleetUp’s industry-leading ELD compliance products and solutions check all the boxes.

Automated fleet compliance management

Get a powerful fleet compliance solution that leads to fewer violations and better CSA scores.

ELD compliance

Stop paying expensive CSA fines for fleet compliance, safety, and accountability violations with always accurate, up-to-the-minute driver logs.

Monitor all your assets, engines, and field staff in the cloud. Track GPS location in real time, minimize fuel waste, stay on top of maintenance schedules, manage your team and support your clients with state-of-the-art tools.

The FleetUp ELD is FMCSA-registered and certified. 


Get an all-in-one solution for ELD compliance, even amid frequent regulatory changes. Stop paying fines that chip away at your profits.

Keep your drivers safe with AI voice coaching and keep them productive with electronic reporting. Help them find parking long before their HOS runs out.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

Keep your vehicles on the road and out of the shop. Catch and resolve minor issues before they become serious and avoid expensive engine replacements.

Make sure your entire team is always on the same page with auto updates to the cloud and stop manually searching for paperwork. Avoid confusion and frustration and help your drivers find their assigned assets quickly.

IFTA reporting

Get your systems in order. Improve your drivers’ productivity and give them a break from saving receipts and tracking miles.

Eliminate costly fines and interest payments from inadvertent late filing, incomplete filing, and manual errors. Stop accidentally missing steps and free up your admin staff for better uses of their time.

Streamline ELD compliance and increase productivity

Compliance plus so much more

Prevent costly violations

Stop throwing away money on expensive CSA violations with always current and accurate driver logs.

Stay up-to-date with requirements

Make sure you never again get caught unaware, having to scramble to keep up with ever-changing regulations.

Track your assets

Get best in-class location tracking to monitor your fleet with real-time GPS data. See the status and activity of all of your vehicles and drivers anytime, from any mobile or desktop device.

Get real-time updates

Receive GPS location updates every 10 seconds instead of at the closest 15-minute mark — wherever you are and from any device.

Increase productivity

Automate admin tasks and reduce busywork so employees can focus on more productive activities. Communicate with your team via secure chat.

Streamline workflows

Automate reporting, eliminate manual data entry errors, share updates immediately to the cloud and always know where to find documentation.

Gain a competitive advantage

Stand out when you provide GPS location data, real-time ETA data, HOS status and more with approved partners, shippers, and brokers.

Record data even without a connection

Devices capture and continue recording data even when network connections are lost. Data is uploaded as soon as a connection is restored and is always easily accessible.

Keep drivers and managers connected

FleetUp Driver mobile app

Drivers love the FleetUp Driver App because it simplifies ELD compliance and ensures reliability.

Centralized, virtual HQ automates paperwork and keeps your drivers productive. Get started right away in English or Spanish, on Android or iOS.

An intuitive and easy-to-use interface lets even the least tech-savvy driver readily navigate the reporting and chat features. 

Keep your team connected with secure chat and real time updates.

The HOS Auditor Voice Assistant makes sure potential log errors are identified and gives drivers the opportunity to correct mistakes. 

FleetUp’s English and Spanish Voice Assistant tutorials instruct drivers on filling out HOS logs correctly with automated assistance designed to reduce confusion.

Avoid CSA violations and notify drivers of their current HOS status, including remaining hours. Help them find good parking in time. Accurately track on- or off-duty statuses.

Assign jobs and send work orders remotely. Help your drivers find their vehicles fast with a simple QR code scan.

Complete and share DVIRs with mechanics and managers and keep your documents organized in the cloud.

FleetUp Admin mobile app

The FleetUp Admin app helps you stay connected from anywhere, while you manage your team and maintain compliance throughout your operations.

Manage your entire operation from customer locations, job sites, or wherever you are. The easy-to-learn app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Monitor real time GPS location and the status of every asset in your fleet. Supervise employees remotely, support your customers and manage projects.

Build trust with customers and partners, sharing live ETAs and more.

Tap into live dashcam videos and see the same view as your drivers.

Shut off engines and lock container doors remotely.

Customize automated alerts so you can respond quickly to incidents.

Take a peek under the hood