FleetUp bridges the gap by connecting carriers, drivers, and freight brokers in ways never before possible — and rolling it all up to the cloud to enable compliance with the FMCSA.

FleetUp applies big data technologies to fleet management with a patented solution that enables companies to maximize profitability, improve driver safety, and comply with current and upcoming regulations more effectively.

  • Broker (TMS)
  • API
  • Carrier
  • Monitoring
  • Driver
  • DOT
  • Government
  • Compliance
  • Fleet

FleetUp’s Solutions are offered in four editions to suit your organization’s needs.

FleetUp ELD

Compliance, includes GPS and IFTA.
Powered by machine learning, the FleetUp ELD captures business-critical engine data and activity. And by connecting with the FleetUp HOS Companion App, the FleetUp ELD will walk drivers through the process of DVIRs, one-click I-RODS,and it will proactively warn them if they are about to violate their Hours of Service with Voice Over HOS. Best of all, it only requires a standard smartphone or tablet.

FleetUp Command

Perfect for Local Fleets, No Compliance.
FleetUp Command is the most well-rounded Fleet Management System on the market, offering business critical insights into your fleet activities and productivity. 10-second GPS tracking, integrated IFTA reporting, unlimited geofences, and a patented fuel consumption and waste analysis are just the tip of the iceberg.

FleetUp Command Pro

Fleet Management & Compliance
All the benefits of FleetUp Command FMS plus the HOS compliance of the FleetUp ELD. FleetUp Command Pro is an integrated solution that empowers fleet managers and drivers with the most comprehensive fleet management platform available.

FleetUp Command Unlimited

Everything Pro and More
All the features and benefits of FleetUp Command Pro with even more: eMaintenance advisories and reporting, end-to-end delivery tracking and notifications, two-way communication with drivers, FleetUp’s patented fuel consumption and waste analysis, and more. This is Intelligent Fleet Management… on steroids.

Trace Mobile Workforce

FleetUp Trace

FleetUp Trace is a complete mobile workforce solution designed specifically for commercial drivers. Trace empowers drivers with one-click access to GPS navigation, HOS management, document capture and upload, DVIR certification, event-driven video and photo capture—all wrapped up in a ruggedized, secure Android tablet.

FleetUp Asset Tracker Device

FleetUp Asset Tracking

FleetUp’s 4CJ asset tracking device can be attached to containers, trailers, and other assets to allow for complete tracking and visibility 24 hours a day, 7 days-a-week — from within your FleetUp Command FMS and your FleetUp FMS Companion App.