Cloud fleet management software

Connect to any asset, anytime, anywhere.

Always keep your fleet with you

Your assets, staff, and operations are dispersed across dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of miles. It seems impossible to simplify an organization that works in multiple places at once. But that’s exactly what cloud software does – it puts every asset in the palm of your hand.

The FleetUp cloud shows the real-time status of asset GPS location, job sites, engine health, driver HOS status, and so much more. Best of all, it reveals all this information on one easy-to-use fleet monitoring map. Zoom in to focus on a single asset. Zoom out to review your operation as a whole.

The benefits of cloud-based fleet management

Desktop and mobile friendly

Access your account via any desktop or mobile device. No matter where you are, you can always see your fleet.

Instant information

See all asset and employee data at once to make fast and informed decisions. Never lose track of your operations.

Comprehensive features

Use powerful tools to monitor job sites, check engine health, review driver HOS status, improve employee safety, and much more.

No software installation

It only takes minutes to create your FleetUp account. After it’s set up, you can instantly login from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Benefits and Features

Maximized efficiency

FleetUp’s telematics platform monitors and interprets data, revealing strategies to cut waste and increase profits.

Continuous updates

Every 10 seconds, FleetUp’s cloud telematics checks the status of every asset in your organization. Stay informed in real time.

Advanced Map interface

See every asset’s location. Access real-time data. Communicate with staff. Share information with partners. Do it all on your GPS fleet tracking software.

Personalized equipment tracking alerts

Receive real-time text and email alerts. Create alerts for every team member: Engine alerts for mechanics, theft alerts for security, and more.

Virtual workspace

Whether you’re working from home or talking to a driver on the other side of the country, everyone shares the same online workspace.

End-to-end management

From the minute your first employee clocks in to the second your last engine is turned off, telematics connects every aspect of organizational management.

Take a peek under the hood