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With FleetUp’s hours of service software, you can stop endless paperwork from eating up your time and expensive fines from eating up your profits.

Gain HOS compliance and never pay fines again

FleetUp’s tools are an all-in-one HOS solution that will centralize record-keeping, automate HOS compliance, and prevent drivers from committing compliance violations. Help your drivers maintain accurate records and stay compliant with AI Voice Coaching. Log HOS faster, easier, and more effectively with the most advanced HOS management system in the industry.

75% of truckers have trouble finding parking at least once a week. When drivers can’t find parking, they’re forced to keep driving beyond on-duty hours or to park in illegal spaces, increasing the chances they and their employers will be hit with FMCSA fines and tickets from local law enforcement. FleetUp’s HOS solutions can also lessen the impact parking problems have on your bottom line.

GPS equipment tracking

Automate compliance

Help your drivers maintain accurate records and stay compliant with FleetUp’s all-in-one HOS software. Rules change frequently, but we keep our focus on engineering and not sales. Long before rule changes are implemented, we make sure our ELDs are tested thoroughly and prepared for the switchover to new rules. That’s why we’re the best ELD provider in the business. Our customers know will keep them compliant no matter what.

Increase productivity

Help your drivers to work faster and more accurately. Eliminate paper logs and increase your drivers’ productivity with automated electronic logging. Prevent costly mistakes and oversights with automatic reporting that transfers data directly to the FMCSA. Stop manually searching for history. Organize and centralize your record-keeping in the cloud with Fleet Up Mobile, available in Spanish and English on iOS and Android devices.

Reduce fines

FleetUp’s patented Voice Coaching AI alerts drivers of impending HOS violations and warns against risky behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking, sharp turns, and more. E-Instructors coach objectively so drivers don’t take criticism personally. With the right advanced planning, our HOS solution also helps drivers find parking well before their on-duty hours max out, saving both them and you from fines and tickets.


Electronic reporting

  • Eliminate paperwork with automated electronic logging.
  • Assure compliance and accurate records with all-in-one software.
  • Save admin time and increase driver productivity.
  • Transfer data directly to the FMCSA automatically.

AI coaching

  • Send drivers automatic alerts for drive time, rest, and more.
  • Coach employees’ speeding, harsh braking, sharp turning, and more.
  • Train and on-board in English and Spanish.
  • Use e-Instructors to coach objectively so drivers don’t take criticism personally.

Violation prevention

  • Use AI Voice Assistant to alert drivers of impending HOS violations.
  • Let drivers change their status to personal conveyance, yard move, sleeper berth, etc.
  • Use Voice Assistant to warn drivers before they run out of on-duty driving hours.
  • Set the Voice Assistant warning for 20-60 minutes depending on the situation.

Parking preparation

  • Assist the 3 out of 4 drivers who can’t find parking at least once a week.
  • Avoid even a single violation that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Help drivers estimate where they’ll be by the end of their on-duty driving time.
  • Set Voice Assistant to provide alerts in plenty of time to search for parking.

Regulatory reliability

  • Stay up-to-date and avoid hefty fines when regulations change.
  • Keep your drivers compliant and reduce your organization’s FMCSA violations.
  • Ensure your ELDs are tested, double-tested, and prepared for the switch-over.
  • Trust FleetUp to keep you compliant, no matter what.

Centralized record keeping

  • Simplify and centralize all your HOS documentation in the cloud.
  • Upload driver logs automatically for accurate, centralized Trip History.
  • Integrate HOS directly with FleetUp’s ELD.
  • Access records from anywhere via your FleetUp Cloud.

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