Customizable location-based alerts for vehicles and assets

Increase safety and efficiency, prevent theft, and track assets and activity with flexible and customizable dynamic GPS fleet geofencing.

Advanced tracking and protection with dynamic GPS geofencing

Build customized virtual borders around any and all areas that are important to your business. Receive notifications whenever vehicles or shipments enter or leave. Optimize safety and efficiency with:

Endless flexible borders

  • Use unlimited GPS fencing to create geofences in all areas that matter to your business.
  • Enjoy complete flexibility when it comes to creating borders, making unique rules for each site, and setting up alerts.
  • Quickly identify client sites, business warehouses, shipyards, and more with convenient color-coding.

Asset and activity monitoring

  • Enter any address into your FleetUp platform, draw a fence of any dimension around that address, and then assign vehicles or shipments to your fenced area.
  • Track vehicles, assets, and employee location as well as activities and behavior while they are within the GPS border.
  • The possibilities are endless – customize geofences for your company’s unique requirements.

Real-time alerts

  • Receive automated text or e-mail alerts when vehicles and deliveries enters or exits geofences.
  • Analyze the time it takes your fleet to move between multiple geofences to optimize routes.
  • Monitor unapproved employee vehicle use and potential incidents of theft.
  • Receive reports recording the exact time vehicles enter or leave your virtual borders.

Go the extra mile for customers

Set yourself apart from your competitors. Proactively alert them of upcoming deliveries with automated departure and arrival notifications, which can be sent to your own team members as well as to your clients via email or SMS.

Provide delivery ETAs for free or create a premium notification service for your best customers.

Improve your company’s efficiency

Promote punctuality and accountability by monitoring when drivers enter and leave geofences. Record the exact time vehicles enter and leave your geofences and learn how long vehicles and shipments are detained within each geofence.

Use trip analysis to improve routes as well as loading and unloading times. Monitor transit times between geofences.

Improve safety and discourage theft

Increase safety in your own vehicle yard with speeding alerts. Set your own customizable speed limits within any or all of your geofences. In addition, you can create geofences around areas employees shouldn’t visit during business hours or off hours. Automatically detect theft, speeding, and unauthorized use of vehicles and assets.

Customize your geofencing vehicle tracking notifications

Create custom location-based alerts for vehicles and assets as well as activity-based alerts for employees. Choose which team members you would like to notify and when by email or SMS. Use asset pairing to group and track two assets moving together (such as a cement paver and a smoother). All of our customers use geofences in different ways, so talk to your FleetUp advisor for tips and suggestions.

Get next-level safety, protection, and tracking with dynamic geofencing

No matter where your business goes, we’ll be there, tracking your progress. Fill out the form and one of our specialists will provide a free consultation and show you our fleet geofencing system works.