Container security for today’s toughest challenges

Prevent goods from theft at every stage of their journey with FleetUp’s container tracking system

Complete security


Simple installation

FleetUp’s asset tracker doesn’t require tape, screws, or attachments. Any first-time user can intuitively understand how to firmly install the device.

Real-time theft alerts

The moment a thief attempts to break into a container, text or email alerts are sent to security teams and any personnel who need to be notified.

Remotely unlock doors

Managers who never leave their office can control the locks of containers on the other side of the world. Don’t give keys to local partners you don’t trust.

10-second updates for months

FleetUp’s trailer, reefer, and container tracker updates every 10 seconds, for true real-time monitoring. Batteries don’t need recharging for at least 3 months.

All-in-one software

Geofence alerts show when container leaves warehouses, lots, and ports. One real-time map shows the status and location of every asset in your fleet.

Solar chargers

Take tracking to the next level with FleetUp Solar Chargers. These easy-to-use add-ons make it possible to extend battery life indefinitely.

71% – 87% of cargo is stolen in transit
Although it might seem like cargo is most at risk when it’s being held in huge warehouses, it’s actually most likely to be stolen on the road. That’s why it’s important not only to monitor containers and trailers when they’re inside geofences, but when they’re moving between them.
Smuggling is on the rise
International shippers don’t only worry about what’s taken out of containers – they need to stop smugglers from sneaking goods inside. From 2019 to 2021, there was a 4,000% increase in fentanyl seizures across the US-Mexico border. FleetUp makes the only tracker that keeps criminals out of trailers.
Cargo theft is becoming more common and costly
Cargo theft has realized a year-over-year 23% increase in volume and a 41% increase in average value. In other words: thieves aren’t only stealing more goods, they’re learning to identify high-value targets. As criminals become more sophisticated, FleetUp is keeping customers safe.

Quick DIY installation


Install in less than 10 minutes—even when hardwired. As quick as making coffee.


No screws, wrenches, or tools needed. Installation as easy as locking your high school locker.


No matter how rough the road or severe the weather, nothing makes FleetUp devices fall off.

The only container tracking system that:

Can be quickly and securely installed by non-experts

Other trackers offer one of two bad choices. Some are simple and flimsy. Others are secure but require professional installation. Only FleetUp’s is simple to install securely.

Sends real-time text and email break-in alerts

While some trackers claim they track theft, they actually only monitor geofences. Unlike FleetUp’s tracker, they can’t catch people who try to break into containers.

Updates in real-time and lasts for over 3 months

The competition’s trackers either have long-lasting batteries or real-time updates. Settling for once-a-day updates or quickly depleted batteries means settling for at-risk container.

Stop criminals in their tracks