Our Team

Executive Team

Ezra Kwak

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ezra Kwak has over 15 years experience in all levels of product development for Industrial IoT Solutions with wireless sensor devices, cloud systems, Big Data processing and mobile applications. He also led the development of GPS tracking, RFID, and mobile payment systems for previous companies.

As CEO, he provides product vision and technical direction across the company in the area of product design, architectures, software engineering, and innovation. He works with a diverse set of technology leaders and partners in Silicon Valley to drive practical innovation and strategic positioning. He is also heavily involved in business development, providing technical support leadership as needed for the product development side of the business.

Bryan Chan

Director of Engineering

As the Director of Engineering for FleetUp, Bryan oversees the entire software engineering function. His duties include developing, releasing, and maintaining software applications and operating systems according to business needs. He establishes policies and procedures that produce high-quality SaaS products, and manages a large staff of development engineers.

Bryan has more than 12 years of experience in software engineering for the IoT Solutions, Digital Learning, and Edutainment Industries. Earlier in his career, he led software engineering and QA teams in the development of web applications.

Bryan graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from San Jose State University.  Later, he obtained his Master’s Degree in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix.

Brian Weiss

Director of Customer Success

As the Director of Customer Success, Brian is responsible for building and managing the FleetUp Customer Success team. Leading with a customer-centric focus, he drives the expansion of existing business by ensuring that FleetUp users take full advantage of our products and services and have a positive SaaS experience.

Brian started his career with the U.S. Army as a Logistics Specialist and has more than 20 years of experience in customer service, success, and support across a variety of industries. Past employers include prestigious companies such as Toyota, Motorola, GE Capital and Hallmark.

Nitya Podila

Director of Test Engineering

As the Director of Software Test Engineering for FleetUp, Nitya oversees the software quality across all web and mobile releases. Nitya has a deep passion for Industrial IoT quality and enhances FleetUp Software application validation using a cross-functional collaborative and iterative cycle that is quality and customer success driven. Nitya’s charter includes requirements validation, functional testing, performance engineering and establishing automated continuous integration and delivery pipeline to meet business needs. She along with her global test engineering team oversee quality practices and procedures that produce high-quality SaaS products.

Nitya graduated with Masters in Computer Science from CSU East Bay 18 years ago and started off as a fresh grad at Cisco Systems, took on both Test Engineering and Development roles during her 13 year tenure at Cisco. She was a Sr Software Quality Engineering Manager at GE for 5 years prior to FleetUp and oversaw development and testing of SaaS products and applications on GE’s new PaaS for IIoT: Predix. She loves to involve herself extensively in team building activities and volunteering, is consistently an active member of Women’s Network Meetup groups, leads scholarship fundraising and was the local ombudsman at GE.

Julie Lallemand

Director of F.A.L.A.H.

Julie brings a thorough financial background to her director position at FleetUp. Her experience with day-to-day business administration ensures the company runs smoothly and productivity remains high. She manages a team responsible for finance, accounting, legal, administration and human resources. She also enforces the business policies and procedures as well as directing company-wide communications with the international branches. She has worked for several Silicon Valley companies managing their finances as well as the role of general manager for a national hotel chain. Born and educated in New York, Julie enjoys her new home in Silicon Valley.


Dave Holt

Executive Advisor

Dave Holt is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned Silicon Valley executive with more than 30 years of experience. Holt co-founded Chromatic Research, which was acquired in 1998 by ATI for $88 million, where he served as a VP of ATI’s Silicon Valley division. Dave was CEO of Lightspeed Logic and Habanero Holdings, which was sold to Oracle in 2012, and has recently served as COO for Hive7 (DIS), Amiato (AMZN), and Trucker Path. Additionally, Dave holds advisory positions at multiple technology startups.

Samuel Mayfield

Samuel Mayfield

Transportation Safety Expert

Samuel Mayfield is a professional Transportation Safety Consultant. He serves in an advisory role for FleetUp, using his knowledge of the vehicle fleet industry and its regulatory process to guide business development initiatives and provide customer education.

He is an expert in the field of Transportation Regulations. For more than 10 years, Samuel has been providing motor carrier owners, managers, and drivers with expert instruction across a wide range of subjects that include: Commercial Vehicle Safety, DOT Compliance and Audit Prevention, Hours of Service, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Commercial Vehicle Inspections, Commercial Vehicle Roadside Inspection Management, Safety Ratings Management and Improvement, Passenger Vehicle Inspections, Data Q Challenges and Management.

Samuel is also a retired state trooper, DOT auditor and inspector, and FMCSA-certified instructor.