Advanced security and tracking for rail shipping

Cutting-edge GPS solutions for rail cargo, plus industry-leading protection, real-time monitoring and alerts.

GPS tracking solution takes over where others stop

The standard shipment tracking options offered by rail companies and freight forwarders often fall far short of being helpful. Data is frequently unreliable and can be outdated by several hours or days once you do receive it. At the same time, rail cargo theft is a serious issue that can cause significant financial losses.

FleetUp’s GPS tracking solutions can help you ensure the safety and security of your cargo while boosting customer satisfaction, simplifying admin, and improving the cost effectiveness of your organization.

Comprehensive rail cargo monitoring and safety

Thieves are getting smarter and more sophisticated every day, specifically targeting high-value shipments. RFID tags, which attach to cargo and use radio waves to monitor assets as they pass specific checkpoints, aren’t up to the task when it comes to security and are prone to interference from nearby devices.

GPS asset tracking from FleetUp offers high location accuracy at 10-second intervals. Rugged and waterproof devices can endure harsh conditions and rough handling. FleetUp asset trackers are ideal for outdoor use, whether you’re securing multimodal shipments or ocean containers.

Proactively monitor cargo and act quickly when exceptions do occur. Ensure you have the data you need to keep your customers informed and happy as well as the proof you need to share with law enforcement when necessary.

A single platform for complete visibility

Tracking and intelligence you need

Monitor the real-time location of your cargo and access up-to-date data from a single interface. Track shipment progress from anywhere via desktop or mobile apps.

Insights to drive your business forward

Optimize efficiency and safety through better asset utilization and business intelligence. Receive notifications whenever cargo enters or leaves designated locations.

A better customer experience

Simplify the complexity of rail transport and bring more certainty into the process. Ensure high customer satisfaction with accurate ETA and arrival notifications.

Immediate break-in alerts

Gain peace of mind and stay informed of any attempts to break into your container with real-time alerts. React quickly with accurate data when events occur.

Advanced security features

Suspicious movement detection enables you to detect if cargo has been moved at an unexpected time and alert your team so they are never caught flat-footed.

Built to power all your rail shipping needs

Easy installation, use, and reuse

Perfectly ruggedized and waterproof for intermodal transport, FleetUp’s GPS trackers are long-lasting and low maintenance, featuring fast and easy DIY installation. Easily transfer devices to other cargo once your original shipment has reached its final destination.

Outstanding quality and reliability

Worry-free tracking for containers with industry-leading, rechargeable 90-day battery life, wired options and a solar recharging option. Never lose critical location data — automatic backups are made every 10 seconds when connectivity is lost and uploaded to the cloud as soon as it’s restored.

Portable, discreet tracking for small, high-value shipments

Protect high-value pallets and packages with FleetUp’s small, unobtrusive, and easily hidden devices. Ensure that when outside trackers are lost, or dismantled, you’ll have a reliable backup.

Protect your cargo, your profits, and your peace of mind over the long haul