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New Features

Using the advanced map

FleetUp’s Advanced Map gives you an even faster way to check the real-time status of your fleet, rapidly solve problems, and share data with customers and partners.

A: As soon as you login, you’ll see the Advanced Map

B: You can return to the previous map by selecting the “Classic Map” tab (B).

C: To find a specific asset, enter its name into the search bar.

D: You can also find specific assets by clicking their names in the left-hand menu..

E: Check “Select All” to see all of your assets’ locations (E).

When you select a specific asset, you’ll see one of two info screens: Asset Info (see F below) or Vehicle Info (see G below).

F. Asset Info is generally used when tracking assets like shipments, trailers, power generators, etc. Here, you can find the asset’s current location, operation hours, and active events. If your asset is connected to a 4CJ or 4CT, you can see if the device is locked or unlocked. Review recent trips by clicking the “Trip Trail” button. Send data to customers or partners via “Trip Share” and “Sharing.”

G. Vehicle Info is generally used when monitoring motorized mobile assets like pickup trucks, loaders, etc. Here, you can find the asset’s current location, mileage, driving hours, coolant temp, and battery voltage. You can also review its vehicle type, recent trip info, trip trails, driving events, and engine code alerts. Send data to customers or partners via the “Trip Share” and “Sharing” buttons.

If your asset is currently assigned to a driver, you will also see “Driver Info.” Here, you can see which driver is assigned to the vehicle, as well as that driver’s phone number and email address. You can also review the driver’s safety score, HOS status, available driving time, and rest time needed. If you want to contact the driver, click the “Chat” button.

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