Fleet tracking, optimization, and ELD compliance

FleetUp’s telematics and Electronic Logging Device (ELD) device connect to FleetUp’s an all-in-one platform for GPS, driver management, engine management, and ELD compliance.

Improve driver safety, cut fuel costs, and stay compliant.

FleetUp’s telematics and electronic logging device (ELD) device run on FleetUp’s all-in-one platform to track and monitor your fleet with real-time visibility into the location, utilization, and health of vehicles.

Compliance and safety are always top of mind when it comes to commercial motor vehicles (CMVs.) With FleetUp, you not only nearly eliminate those concerns but also improve productivity and efficiency and boost profits.

FleetUp’s electronic logging device (ELD) virtually eliminates Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) violations because driver logs are always accurate and current. Your company’s scores will improve, your drivers will avoid violations, and you’ll stop paying fines.

In addition, FleetUp’s telematics device connects assets, engines, and field staff to FleetUp’s cloud software. Use it to track GPS location, cut fuel use, monitor engines, and manage drivers and clients.

Increase productivity and protection

Install quickly and easily

Plug FleetUp’s telematics device into any vehicle’s engine through the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port and it’s ready to go. Complete wired installations take less than 10 minutes, even without a technician.

Protect any asset

Connect to any kind of asset, from passenger cars to vans to buses to heavy duty semi-trucks–and hardwire into pre-2004 SAE-J1939 vehicles without OBD ports.

Gain competitive advantage

Shippers and brokers prefer hiring companies who equip their vehicles with intelligent trucking ELD software that features live trip sharing. Share GPS location, real-time ETA, HOS status, and more with approved partners.

Prevent theft

FleetUp helps users track and recover assets that have been lost or stolen. Automated messages are sent to approved supervisors as soon as vehicles leave their designated area.

Work in areas with no network connection

When vehicles enter out-of-network zones, FleetUp’s telematics device continues recording data, saving it to internal memory to send as soon as a connection is reestablished.

Receive real time updates

FleetUp’s telematics device sends all collected data to the FleetUp platform every 10 seconds, where users can view everything from GPS location to e-maintenance schedules to fuel waste analysis to HOS compliance records.

Increase productivity and availability

Intelligent ELDs track commercial motor vehicle operators’ time to the nearest minute—instead of the closest 15-minute mark–giving drivers more availability and opportunities to earn more money.

Reduce maintenance costs

Real-time engine diagnostics and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) give you the tools you need to track your engine’s health and avoid costly repairs

Improve CSA scores

ELDs virtually eliminate Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) violations because driver logs are always accurate and current. Your scores will improve, your drivers will avoid violations, and you’ll stop paying fines.

Benefits and features

Discrete installation

Increase security. FleetUp’s device is small, compact, and installed as a hidden device.

Real-time updates

Rely on our accurate GPS and customize your update frequency up to every 10 seconds.

Universal asset protection

Install anywhere. FleetUp’s telematics device is fully compatible with all passenger and heavy-duty vehicles.

Reliable data

No signal? No problem. Reliably recover all your data, even in no-coverage regions.

Safe in all conditions

Ruggedized version withstands harsh environments and tough treatment.

FleetUp’s telematics and ELD

Track GPS location

HOS status, driver availability

Monitor driver behavior

Send clients live ETA data

Take a peek under the hood

Become a seer of all things happening with your fleet. Request a personalized quote for our fleet management software platform with a team member and we’ll show you how our ELD device and software work.

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