A fleet telematics system that connects your entire business

Monitor every asset with FleetUp’s high-precision GPS fleet tracking software and fleet telematics devices.

Never lose sight of a single asset with fleet telematics

When your fleet is connected to FleetUp’s cloud fleet management software, you can track and monitor every asset at any time, even if they’re thousands of miles away.

FleetUp’s fleet telematics monitors engine health in real time, alerting you the moment repair or maintenance services are needed. It also tracks the behavior of drivers, sending you alerts when driving behaviors are putting your business at risk. Plus, it reveals the current status of shipments, worksites, ongoing jobs, and more.

Gain instant and comprehensive access to your entire operation with FleetUp’s telematics solution.

The 4 pillars of fleet telematics

Maximized efficiency and boosted profits

FleetUp’s fleet telematics platform monitors and interprets data, revealing strategies to cut waste and increase profits.

Continuous updates

Every 10 seconds, FleetUp’s fleet telematics devices check the status of every asset in your organization, keeping you informed in real time.

Real-time vehicle and equipment health monitoring

Maximize vehicle and equipment uptime by quickly spotting problems, allowing you to cut costs, and prioritize vehicle repairs with diagnostic fault code and engine data alerts.

End-to-end management

From the minute your first employee clocks in to the second your last engine is shut off, fleet telematics connects every aspect of your business.

FleetUp’s telematics fleet management system offers your business:

Simple installation

Easily connect your assets to fleet telematics software. Install FleetUp’s plug-and-play devices in minutes.

Simple sign-on

Your software is stored in the cloud. Access it from any device, anywhere, anytime, so you’re always connected to your fleet and never have to worry about losing your data.

Simple price structure

At FleetUp, we don’t over-complicate our prices. Activation, onboarding, training, and support are all included.

Putting innovative fleet telematics technology to work

Cloud-based platform

Access your account via any desktop or mobile device. See all asset and employee data at once to make fast and informed decisions.

A virtual workspace

Whether you’re working from home or talking to a driver on the other side of the country, everyone shares the same online workspace.

Advanced driver coaching

Reduce unsafe driving with real-time reckless driving alerts. The FleetUp mobile app’s voice assistant teaches drivers how to be safer on the road.

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