Fleet management software for insurance

Manage and protect your fleet with FleetUp’s all-in-one insurance fleet GPS tracking system

Beat the competition by cutting expenses
and premiums

The insurance marketplace has become increasingly competitive. Customers can compare prices with a quick internet search. Cost-conscious business owners won’t keep a monthly bill on their books when there’s a cheaper alternative.

FleetUp gives insurance providers the opportunity to offer competitive pricing without risking catastrophic payouts.

Fleet monitoring software shows insurers how safely their customers are driving, while also showing customers real-time driver data. Insurers can offer discounts based on safety history, customers can respond to bad staff driving in real time, and everyone can increase their profits.

Share FleetUp with clients

Insurance companies and their clients have very different telematics needs. Insurers want to ensure that they’re managing risks. Clients want to manage their day-to-day operations.

FleetUp allows insurers to personalize their shared cloud fleet management software. Not only will insurers get the data they need, their customers will thank them for introducing a comprehensive fleet management platform that increases safety, cuts fuel use, improves maintenance outcomes, and more.

Identify fleets’ most reckless drivers

FleetUp’s patented Driver Safety Scorecards track driver behavior and rank fleets’ most dangerous drivers. They identify exactly which behaviors make each driver a liability, so managers can tailor-make training programs to improve individual performance.

Teach drivers how to be safer

The FleetUp Driver mobile app uses Driver Safety Scorecard data to show drivers how they can improve their individual performance. Reduce liability by improving every driver’s on-the-road safety skillset.

Stop bad driving in real time

Automated email and text alerts are sent to managers when drivers engage in risky behaviors including speeding, hard accelerating, hard braking, and more. Managers can intervene and stop bad driving in real time. Prevent accidents before they happen.

Reduce drive times

Dispatchers can identify the most efficient routes in seconds. One-click routing automates an entire day’s worth of routes, with multiple vehicles and multiple destinations. Keep vehicles on the road for the minimum number of hours, reducing the probability of accidents.

Prevent theft and unauthorized vehicle use

When vehicles leave digital borders drawn around lots or any other location, automated text and email alerts are sent out. FleetUp’s concealed devices continue tracking, no matter where vehicles are taken. Discourage unauthorized use and retrieve stolen vehicles.

Track fleetwide safety progress

Managers can track safety goals with automated daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Intelligent analysis reveals specific ways to make operations safer. Reduce the claims your insurance business has to pay.

Partner with FleetUp to mitigate risk, boost revenue, and save money for your customers.

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