FleetUp Admin: The comprehensive fleet management app

Track your operation anywhere, anytime, and from any device

Complete fleet management in your hand

Work where your fleet takes you. In order to stay on top of your business, you need to visit clients, go to job sites, and move quickly. You can’t stay confined to your desk, so your fleet management platform shouldn’t stay confined to your desktop. FleetUp Admin is the app that’s just as mobile as you are.

FleetUp Admin gives you a real-time map that shows the real-time GPS location and status of every asset in your fleet. It facilitates everything from remote employee supervision to advanced customer support to project management.

You don’t want to lose track of your operation the moment you leave your desk. Stay connected with FleetUp Admin.

Real-time map interface

  • Monitor every asset’s location on a single screen.
  • Click assets to view detailed real-time data.

Quickly communicate with drivers

  • Send messages to drivers’ FleetUp apps.
  • Receive messages from drivers and other team members.

Live stream dashcam videos

  • See the same view your drivers’ see as they look out on the road.
  • Monitor drivers and the inside of the cab with the FleetUp AI Dashcam.

Facilitate customer support

  • Maintain customer trust by sharing accurate live ETAs.
  • Send partners custom real-time data with trip share.

Maintain asset security

  • Lock container doors remotely via your secure account.
  • Receive real-time alerts and never miss an important event.

Monitor detailed real-time data

  • See drivers’ assigned vehicles, phone numbers, HOS status, and more.
  • Find trip info including miles traveled, gallons, start and end address, and more.

Empowered fleet management with an easy-to-use app

FleetUp Admin’s strongest feature is simplicity. Available via iOS and Android, its intuitive interface is easy to learn and operationalize. The moment your leadership team has FleetUp Admin in their hands, they’ll start communicating more efficiently, responding faster, and accelerating your operational speed.

Its information-rich real-time map surfaces barriers that used to be invisible. It gives your team the on-the-go they need to tackle problems the moment they occur. Quick to download and easy to master, FleetUp Admin unleashes your operation’s full potential.

Global, 24/7 control of every project and asset

Fleets don’t stop moving. They can’t wait for managers to come back from job sites, to get out of the meeting and return to their desks, to open their email and check for new messages. The FleetUp Admin fleet management mobile app is the ultimate mobile command center. Wherever you are, it’s there with you.

Reduce choke points

Never worry that you might be late to respond to action items. FleetUp Admin keeps you in the loop.

Streamline operations

Use one centralized platform for all of your fleet’s needs – compliance, employee management, customer support, and more.

Centralize communications

Use FleetUp’s connected driver and admin apps to improve communication between remote and in-office employees.

Respond immediately

FleetUp Admin’s alerts automatically inform you the moment any crucial events occur.

Maintain control

Always be at the heart of your operation. With FleetUp Admin, nothing is ever out of your sight.

FleetUp Admin is the killer app for trucking companies that want to build strong relationships with brokers.

It provides the instant data that brokers want – and that will make them want to renew your contract.

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