Fleet management software for rental

Manage and protect your fleet with FleetUp’s all-in-one rentals fleet GPS tracking system

Prevent asset damage and loss

Whether you rent vehicles, containers, equipment, or anything in-between, you want your assets to come back in the condition they left. But thieves, reckless drivers, and incompetent clients are determined to wreck your company’s assets.

When vehicles and equipment are stolen, your profits suffer. When drivers get in accidents, your products are taken out of circulation. When clients lose track of what they’ve rented or when it needs to be returned, you have to toss out your daily to-do list and become an asset bounty hunter.

FleetUp is designed to overcome the leasing industry’s biggest challenges. GPS fleet tracking software prevents theft, aids asset recovery, reduces accidents, and shows you exactly how your rented assets are being used. Stop driving blind – see the real-time status of every asset in your fleet.

Share FleetUp with clients

Every time an accident occurs, an engine malfunctions, or an asset is stolen, both you and your clients lose. Your leasing company has to find a way to replace the asset, clients are charged with fees they didn’t want to pay, and relationships quickly sour.

With FleetUp’s rental-friendly cloud fleet management software, you can share real-time asset status with clients. Customers can use your FleetUp platform to stop employees from driving recklessly, respond to attempted robberies, and monitor engine warnings. They’ll be better informed and better able to return your assets in the same condition you delivered them.

When you share FleetUp’s software, you improve long-term asset health and build thriving relationships with customers.

FleetUp asset trackers

Prevent theft

Receive alerts when assets exit customized borders. FleetUp’s discreet trackers facilitate asset recovery.

Reduce accidents

Monitor how drivers are acting behind the wheel. Receive alerts when reckless driving occurs.

Stay powered

No other trackers provide 10 second updates for months at a time. Advanced options extend batteries even longer.

Accelerate inventory assessments

Instantly find vehicles the moment they’re needed. Locate lost containers and shipments in seconds.

Transform your rental operation

We’re here to help increase the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of your organization.

No matNo matter where your business goes, we’ll be there, tracking your progress. Fill out the form and one of our specialists will provide a free consultation and show you how our rentals fleet management software works.