Improve driver safety with FleetUp’s AI fleet dashcam

Gain greater visibility and lower accident risk. The FleetUp AI Dashcam with GPS is the future of driver safety, accident mitigation and efficiency.

Real-time alerts

FleetUp’s AI dashcam technology detects high-risk driving behavior with unrivaled accuracy and sends in-cab alerts in real time to modify driving behavior.

Unprecedented visibility

All-in-one fleet dashcam features both a forward-facing camera that records potentially hazardous road events and a driver-facing camera that monitors unsafe driving behaviors.

Video recording and storage

All recorded video events are stored on the dashcam’s local memory card and uploaded to the FleetUp cloud for further examination and analysis. Never worry about losing critical incident data.

Live video monitoring

The ability to monitor vehicles and drivers remotely puts fleet managers “in the driver’s seat,” enabling them to see exactly what the driver sees and provide real-time driver coaching as necessary.

Integrated or stand alone

Integrate with FleetUp’s industry leading fleet management solution to get optimal driver monitoring, fleet performance, health, safety and productivity. As a standalone, the FleetUp AI Dashcam with GPS provides remote driver monitoring, real-time location tracking and trip history.

Optimize risk management with smart video labeling

A pioneer in dashcam technology, FleetUp was the first to offer smart video labeling. As a result, our technology is more advanced, more accurate and more precise than the current industry standard, AI flagging.

Smart labeling makes dashcam event recordings more powerful by sorting high-risk videos from low-risk ones and highlighting critical events. For example, a driver going over a speed bump is labeled “low risk,” a driver jumping over a curb “high risk,” and a driver getting in an accident “critical.”

Fleet managers see top issues graphically presented in a clear, easy-to-use dashboard, so they can then take necessary steps to mitigate future risk with coaching.

Smart video labeling helps you:

Quickly retrieve key video footage

Review events by risk factors and drivers

Coach drivers effectively in real time

Efficiently manage accident risk

Lessen liability and cut insurance costs

Minimize vehicle damage, wear and tear

Avoid having to sort uncategorized videos

Stop reviewing “false positive” events

Improving driver safety one fleet dashcam at a time.

Put safety first with automated alerts and coaching

More than a camera, FleetUp’s AI Dashcam is a smart assistant that alerts drivers and managers in real time. It helps you prevent future events with automated coaching while avoiding having to comb through long lists of meaningless, unprioritized videos.

Drivers receive real-time alerts for events like hard braking, erratic driving, eyes closing, etc. Fleet admins choose the alerts they want to receive. 

FleetUp’s AI Dashcam automatically categorizes videos by risk level and vehicle/driver. It then prioritizes videos into a short list of top issues.

The smart assistant collects the necessary event information. Managers need only add a personal note if desired and click “send” to notify the driver. 

All coaching events are automatically captured and their effects on reducing future driving events are shown graphically.

Benefits and features

Live video monitoring and recording

Monitor your workforce in real time via live stream or access stored recordings in the cloud for review any time you want.

Dual cameras

Provides increased transparency and unrivaled visibility, including night vision, showing a complete view of the road and the in-cabin environment.

Lower accident risk

Alert drivers with a voice assistant “advanced warning system” that increases their awareness of dangerous driving behaviors and road conditions.

Protect your business and drivers

Defend against fraudulent accident insurance claims by providing a sharable, time-stamped video record of the events leading up to, during, and after accidents.

Driver monitoring

Helps drivers correct excessive behaviors like speeding, rapid acceleration, and harsh braking, which can damage your vehicles.

Coach by vehicle

Automatically capture all coaching events and graphically show their effects on reducing future events. Coaching by vehicle is easy and immediately reduces risky driving behavior.

Reduce operating costs

Automated coaching of unsafe driving behaviors as they occur can save medium-to larger-size fleets hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

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