Fleet management software for field service

Manage and protect your fleet with FleetUp’s all-in-one field services fleet GPS tracking system

FleetUp shows you the current status of every data point in your field service operation.
With cloud fleet management software, you can control:

Any asset

Track everything from vehicles to tools. Increase working hours while decreasing the time assets are in the shop for maintenance.


Automate dispatching’s most mundane and time-consuming tasks while increasing communication with field technicians.


Streamline management with software that facilitates instant communication and automates back office busywork.

Help every field service employee contribute more to your bottom line

Identify inefficient employees by reviewing their GPS job history. See how long they spent at job sites, where they took detours between jobs, when they clocked in and out, and more.

Automated email and text notifications instantly inform you when employees engage in behaviors that put your business at risk. Respond to incidents of bad driving and unapproved asset usage as they’re happening.

Keep every asset on the job and working longer

Centralize maintenance records and schedules on one system accessible to all approved employees.

Prevent asset breakdown. Automated email and text alerts notify your mechanics when engines are in trouble, so they can stop engine failure before it happens.

Stop theft and asset loss. Automated alerts, sent to your email address or phone number, notify you the moment assets are taken offsite or turned on during off hours.

Reduce costs by automating workflows

Cut fuel use. FleetUp’s patented Fuel Waste Analysis technology pinpoints which field service assets are over-using fuel and reveals the reasons why they’re wasting that fuel. FleetUp customers reduce fuel costs by 10% or more.

Dispatch an entire day’s worth of jobs, including multiple vehicles and multiple destinations, with the click of a button. Automated routing creates the fastest and most efficient routes for your entire team.

Centralize field technician schedules on one online fleet monitoring platform, accessible to any approved team member. Send job orders to employees in the field via the FleetUp Driver mobile app.

Respond to emergencies faster

Use FleetUp’s Advanced Map to instantly locate the nearest available asset and to give job details to the asset’s operator.

Use the FleetUp Driver mobile app to send job orders, instant messages, and more to in-the-field and on-the-road employees.

Build a gold-standard customer support program

Keep customers informed and happy. Send automated live ETA info to their emails, so they know precisely when your employees will arrive.

Resolve customer conflicts by reviewing trip history data. If a customer and an employee disagree, use GPS and other archived data to learn what really happened and solve the problem.

Use GPS to monitor staff without infringing on employee privacy

  • Ensure compliance with labor laws.
  • Monitor speeding and reckless driving incidents.
  • Identify unproductive and fraudulent employee behavior.
  • Monitor overtime and irregular hours.

Learn how to optimize your field service team with FleetUp.

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