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Become a FleetUp reseller or join our team of technology partners and help us create the future of fleet and asset management.

Become a FleetUp reseller partner

Offer complete fleet management solutions to your customers by partnering with the leading fleet and asset management provider.

When you become a FleetUp reseller partner, you:

  • Work with a market leader in fleet performance management.
  • Open new revenue streams.
  • Access best-in-class training, enablement, and support.
  • Receive guidance and support from a dedicated account manager.
  • Use co-marketing support to expand your brand’s visibility.

Create the fleet management experience your customers want while increasing your revenue and profitability.

Become a technology partner

When you partner with FleetUp, you join a global network of forward-thinking, innovative companies working together to transform fleet and asset management and make our businesses stronger.  See how some of our existing technology partnerships are improving businesses around the globe.

Alert + FleetUp transform rental operations

FleetUp and Alert teamed up to build a new tool that automatically informs customers of the status of their upcoming deliveries. The moment drivers head out to make a delivery, an automated notification is sent to the customer’s email address. Customers can click the notification to review their shipment’s real-time GPS location and ETA.

FleetUp and Alert help companies, drivers, and customers stay on the same page.

Giro Limpio + FleetUp support Chile’s energy efficiency goals

Giro Limpio is a new Chilean program spearheaded by the government’s Energy Efficiency Agency. Its goal is to increase energy efficiency in the country’s transportation industry. The Giro Limpio team needed a partner that could track efficiency data, so they came to FleetUp to help explain the Giro Limpio program to local businesses. In turn, Giro Limpio is recommending providers use FleetUp to cut waste and make their operations greener.

Together, we’re building a cleaner and more productive environment in Chile.

Share real-time FleetUp data with

Fleet location data is now visible and shareable via one of the world’s most-trusted project management platforms. FleetUp users can create unique boards for customers and partners, each with its own customizable set of real-time fleet data.

The benefits to users are broad and powerful. Fleets that already use can integrate FleetUp into existing workflows without onboarding an entirely new platform. Delivery operations can share real-time ETA with customers. Multi-partner projects can be managed more efficiently and with fewer hiccups.

Minimize miscommunications and enhance collaborations with FleetUp and’s integration.

Mobile fleet installation services

Orbital Installation Technologies provides expert, nationwide mobile installation and maintenance services for an extensive range of fleet technologies. FleetUp customers looking for a skilled and dependable mobile installation service can depend on Orbital.

Orbital covers multiple vertical markets and vehicle and asset types including, heavy-duty trucks, delivery and service vehicles, bus and pupil transportation, transit vehicles, trailers and containers, heavy and specialty equipment. Orbital offers nationwide installation and maintenance support through a team of skilled installation technicians and field supervisors in over 75 locations throughout the United States.

ProMiles + FleetUp automate International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting

For decades, IFTA reporting has drained businesses’ time and resources. Now, FleetUp and ProMiles are giving you those hours back with an integration that automates every single step of IFTA reporting. We track vehicles’ miles in all states, import fuel purchases directly from your fuel card provider, and populate all necessary data in a web-based Fuel Tax Account that’s 100% compliant with federal and state tax regulations. Your drivers no longer have to worry about gathering receipts, your back office can skip compiling mountains of information, and you can rest easy knowing human error is no longer a concern.

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