Track, protect and optimize your equipment

Complete visibility over location, utilization, and performance.

Cutting-edge equipment tracking and optimization

Your job sites are the hub of every construction project. They’re where equipment works, where tools break down, where jobs get done, and where accidents put staff at risk.

FleetUp equipment trackers connect equipment, engines, and field staff to FleetUp’s cutting edge cloud software. Use them to not only prevent theft on both active and inactive construction sites, but to track GPS location, cut fuel use, monitor engines, and manage employees.

Increase the security of your assets and your profits while protecting your clients and suppliers at the same time.

Secure and optimize your most valuable assets with
FleetUp’s GPS equipment tracking device

Monitor in real time

You can’t be at every job site at once. Keep tabs on every site’s safety, security, and project status with cloud-based equipment tracking that meets managers at home, in the office, or in the field, with updates every 10 seconds.

Monitor just about anything

FleetUp’s equipment trackers can connect to both small and heavy-duty equipment ― basically, anything with an engine. From bulldozers, tractors, forklifts, and everything in-between.

Track anywhere

No signal? No problem! Keep track of equipment even while it’s in transit. When equipment enters out-of-network zones, FleetUp’s equipment trackers continue recording data to send as soon as a connection is reestablished.

Prevent theft

Create digital borders around any and all of your sites and assign specific equipment to specific areas. Whenever a piece of equipment is taken out of its assigned borders, automated text and/or email alerts are sent to approved users and locations are updated continually.

Optimize your equipment investment

Equipment operation, transport, and maintenance are the biggest costs in any construction company’s budget. Tracking reveals which sites are getting the most out of their equipment and which underused pieces are eating into profits.

Bill easily & accurately

Equipment tracking shows you exactly how long equipment is being used on each job site. Account managers always know exactly how much to charge your clients – and you won’t lose a single penny due to subjective time estimates.

Prevent unauthorized equipment use

Equipment tracking catches and flags irresponsible behavior. If equipment is turned on during off hours or turned off prematurely, supervisors will know to investigate. Recorded data history reveals past equipment use.

Manage multiple job sites remotely

FleetUp’s equipment tracking software can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device. Using one digital map, managers and supervisors can check the current status of all of their current projects, seeing what’s running smoothly and what problems need immediate attention.

Benefits and features

Customer and partner support

Trip sharing gives you a competitive advantage with your customers and partners. Send third parties the data they need to see: GPS tracking, vehicle health data, fuel levels, and more.

Workforce management

Workforce management helps you increase vehicle uptime while simplifying, centralizing, and automating both recordkeeping and compliance. Quickly upload and share reports, photos, and inspection histories.


E-Maintenance scheduling was created for owners who want to reduce equipment downtime while minimizing repair costs. Track key maintenance needs, set customizable metrics and thresholds, and choose which preventative tasks to schedule automatically.

Safe and secure monitoring

FleetUp’s equipment trackers are small, compact, hidden, and undetectable by thieves. The ruggedized cases survive just about anything — violent vibrations, inclement weather, water damage, hard impacts, and more.

Dynamic geofencing

Monitor construction sites, warehouses, and any other location. Set unique tracking parameters, including speed, arrival and departure notifications, and more.

Real-time engine diagnostics

Receive alerts when engines are in danger of breakdown. Stay proactive and save money by preventing the need for more serious and costly repairs.

FleetUp’s suite of GPS equipment monitoring devices

The 4ET will:

  • Track GPS location
  • Monitor engine health
  • Operate in harsh conditions
  • Provide custom alerts
  • Prevent loss and theft

The 5TA will:

  • Track GPS location
  • Discreetly fit in any location
  • Operate up to 20 months before recharging is needed
  • Prevent loss and theft

The 6BO will:

  • Track GPS location
  • Detect unauthorized movement
  • Provide custom alerts
  • Remote engine shut off
  • Prevent loss and theft

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