Reusable container seals for cargo and assets

Get the best cargo protection available with electronic container seals that offer asset tracking, alerts, and more.

An intelligent container electronic seal for industry-leading protection

The majority of cargo theft happens while goods are in transit, whether they’re moving by ship, rail, or truck. And criminals are getting more sophisticated every day, specifically targeting higher-value shipments.

Thieves take advantage of weaknesses in your operation — especially manual processes like arrivals and shipments — and count on the fact that your response will be slow because of location (hard to reach ports, for example) or distance from your main office.

Electronic container seals, sometimes referred to as cargo seals as are the standard solution, but most current container seal technology is limited.

FleetUp’s asset trackers and all-in-one platform automate manual processes to tighten security at all stages of your operation. They perform all the typical functions of container seal plus much more.

Complete end-to-end cargo security

Shipping volumes have grown in recent years. The risks of smuggling, cargo theft, illegal stowaways and human trafficking have increased as a result.

It’s not always easy to tell when mechanical seals have been tampered with. Manual inspections are time-consuming and can cause delays, and the presence of hazardous materials may make these inspections perilous.

Most asset trackers only provide a container’s or asset’s location via GPS. And while all electronic container seals act as locks, most either don’t have GPS capability, and/or only send an alert if the lock has been tampered with.

When you pair FleetUp’s asset tracker with our all-in-one software platform, you get physical security, live GPS tracking, and real-time event notifications.

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A container seal that combines security and tracking

FleetUp’s keyless GPS smart lock is a durable and tamper proof container seal and asset tracker that can be remotely locked and unlocked via the Internet or pre-approved RFID cards.

It automatically notifies staff via text or email the moment a break-in occurs — and lets you know exactly where your cargo is located in real time so you can respond immediately.

Featuring quick and easy installation that requires no special tools, FleetUp’s container seal uses a magnetic back to intuitively affix to any container.

A built-in rechargeable battery lasts for months on a single charge. With the solar power charger (optional) the battery life is potentially unlimited.


Cargo theft costs $30B per year


of theft occurs in transit


The average cost of one event


You need to generate $2M to make up for every $200K lost

Advanced cargo security features and benefits

Control locked/unlocked status

Monitor container lock status in real time. Permit only remote unlocking from your headquarters, or give keycards only to trusted personnel.

Receive timely anti-theft alerts

Set custom SMS or email alerts to be sent whenever a container is opened, either by force or with a key. Respond immediately to prevent events in progress.

Get live updates with advanced GPS tracking

Our all-in-one platform lets you track the location of any container in real time. Monitor shipments from anywhere and on any device. Keep clients in the loop with live ETAs.

Easy DIY installation

Even non-experts will enjoy foolproof installation with no special tools, instructions, or skills needed. Our asset trackers use simple locks or magnets.

Extended battery life

Extend the already impressive, industry-leading battery life (90 days with 10-second updates) with optional solar power chargers. Save time recharging and monitoring battery life.

Build security, real-time visibility, and control into your entire operation