Refrigerated trailer temperature monitoring

Get real-time monitoring and reliable, best-in-class protection for all your temperature sensitive cargo with FleetUp’s cargo temperature sensors.

All-in-one temperature and humidity tracking

FleetUp’s comprehensive temperature and humidity tracking solution that prevents spoilage in refrigerated trailers (reefers) for everything from food to chemicals to medicine. Monitor temperature-controlled trailers in real time, track your shipments’ GPS location, oversee drivers’ speed, and keep your clients informed and happy.

Temperature and humidity control

Track the temperature of trailers shipping everything from refrigerated food and personal care goods to sensitive engineered products. Monitor temperature-controlled trailers more effectively by placing the FleetUp’s wireless temperature sensors next to the door, under air conditioning units, and at other sensitive point.

Live GPS tracking

Track and monitor your cargo’s climate in real-time. Share location, delivery status, and trip information with your customers so they know exactly what to expect and when. Record past trips’ temperature histories and share them with clients. Use trip analysis to save on your fleet’s fuel costs.

Improved security

Track refrigerated trailers 24/7 and keep your shipments secure. Know exactly when your cargo’s temperature reaches undesirable levels so that you can proactively avoid losses. Monitor your cargo’s location and prevent theft with dynamic geofencing.

Ensure product quality

  • Protect all types of perishable goods, from frozen food to pharmaceuticals to fine art.
  • Monitor your whole reefer simultaneously, especially higher-risk areas like doors.
  • Place wireless temperature sensors wherever you need them, depending on conditions and cargo type.

Real-time updates

  • Identify air conditioner breakdown and humidity problems as soon as they occur.
  • Send temperature and humidity data to your FleetUp platform every 10 seconds.
  • Get notified so you can fix problems before they spoil your shipments.

Optimal delivery efficiency

  • Monitor every area of reefers to ensure all your goods are safe at all times.
  • Place cargo temperature sensors in four different areas to see how specific events affect your cargo.
  • Analyze temperature history to help you load your goods more effectively.

Improved customer experience

  • Keep your clients happy by preventing spoilage and always delivering fresh goods.
  • Sell peace of mind and confidently show clients the quality of reefer trailers.
  • Share temperature data, live ETAs, and arrival confirmations with customers and partners.

Accurate temperature history

  • View all temperature data anytime, anywhere, on the FleetUp Performance Platform.
  • See near-real-time status for your fleet and archive past trips’ temperature histories.
  • Receive near real-time automatic updates of each trailer’s temperature status.

Reliable uptime

  • Never worry about sensor failure, leading to unpleasant spoilage surprises.
  • FleetUp’s GPS monitoring device holds its charge for 90 days and can be powered through hard wiring.
  • Solar charging options are also available for flexibility and added peace of mind.

FleetUp’s Temperature and GPS Monitoring Devices

Monitor temperature and humidity

Track GPS location

Lock/unlock status

Send clients live ETA data

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