Optimize your fleet’s performance with fleet maintenance software

A well-maintained fleet slashes costs — especially unexpected, expensive, and preventable ones — and boosts your bottom line.

Get the greatest return from your biggest investments


Vehicle e-maintenance scheduling

Enjoy better-than-ever fleet performance with automated maintenance cycle scheduling, streamlined communication, and real-time quality assurance of vehicles and assets. With a proactive maintenance plan, you’ll decrease vehicle downtime, centralize your record-keeping, and avoid breakdowns and costly repairs.

Real-time engine diagnostics

FleetUp’s all-in-one fleet tracking devices notify you immediately of service issues to help prevent avoidable breakdowns and minimize more costly repairs. Slash fuel waste, check any vehicle’s engine health in seconds, and fix small problems before they turn into major catastrophes.

Patented fuel management

Fuel accounts for 60% of the average fleet’s budget, so it’s crucial to reduce your fuel costs as much as possible. FleetUp’s cutting-edge fuel monitoring tools can cut fuel use by 10%. Minimize waste due to mechanical issues and poor driving habits and save money at the pump.

Centralized digital platform

Automate maintenance alerts, keep all of your files in a centralized location, and make sure every mechanic stays on the same page. Our customers report less vehicle downtime and big improvements in record-keeping.

Improve your fleet’s efficiency

FleetUp’s fleet maintenance helps streamline your workflow with automated maintenance alerts, centralized cloud-based records, and improved communication between mechanics.

Save time, money, and effort. Stop manually searching through maintenance records and help your mechanics be more productive.

  • Track vehicle maintenance needs such as oil, tires, brakes, spark plugs, air filters, fuel filters, transmission, tire rotations, battery life, and brake fluid.
  • Onboard automated engine monitoring to keep tabs on engine status even when vehicles are hundreds of miles away.
  • Reduce confusion with centralized maintenance cycles, streamline communication between mechanics, and reduce fuel waste.

Boost your company’s profits with lower maintenance and fuel costs

Avoid vehicle breakdowns and costly repairs with a proactive maintenance plan that helps you minimize engine failure and mechanical breakdowns, lower your mechanic costs, and reduce the time your vehicles spend in the shop instead of on the road.

  • Automated fleet maintenance minimizes profit-eating vehicle downtime, cuts repair costs, and lowers your mechanic expenses.
  • Know which drivers are wasting fuel due to idling, hard braking, and hard acceleration and experience significant fuel cost savings.
  • Analyze miles-per-gallon usage by vehicle and driver. View total fuel consumption and discover which vehicles are wasting the most fuel due to possible mechanical issues.

The benefits don’t end there


Avoid surprise repairs

  • Monitor each asset by adding an e-maintenance scheduling tool to your centralized fleet maintenance software. Automatically track every working hour and every mile, so you never miss a scheduled check-up.
  • Avoid costly repairs with early warning alerts. Monitor engine temperature, battery levels, engine DTC codes, and more.
  • Easy-to-install hardware starts diagnosing engines in minutes.

Streamline communication

  • Streamline your internal record-keeping, stop manually searching through maintenance records, and keep all your mechanics on the same page.
  • Experience less vehicle downtime with automated alerts and centralized DVIRs.
  • Automate maintenance alerts and keep all of your files in a single, accessible, centralized location and achieve big improvements in record-keeping.

Minimize vehicle downtime

  • Keep your vehicles on the road and in top shape. Choose which preventative maintenance tasks should be automatically scheduled.
  • Set customizable maintenance metrics. You decide whether to base maintenance schedules on hours of usage, odometer, or calendar days.
  • Set customizable maintenance time thresholds. You choose how often you want to send vehicles to the shop.

Centralize and automate maintenance

  • Keep up to date with oil changes, tire rotations, brake fluid, spark plugs, air filters, fuel filters, transmission fluid, and battery life.
  • Centralize every asset’s maintenance record on one platform that every member of your team can access and update via desktop or mobile device.
  • Schedule regular engine health reports and streamline communication between mechanics.

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