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Fleet Management Software

FleetUp streamlines fleet monitoring and management. FleetUp offers four fleet management software plans.

FleetUp Standard

FleetUp Standard is a state of the art fleet management software solution that combines precision GPS vehicle tracking with advanced geofencing, and detailed trip reporting features.

FleetUp Compliance

FleetUp Compliance combines FleetUp Standard with electronic monitoring of each driver’s ELD and HOS hours to ensure that they do not exceed federal regulatory limits.

FleetUp Advanced

FleetUp Advanced combines FleetUp Standard with fuel analysis, engine diagnostics, and remote maintenance monitoring features.

FleetUp Professional

FleetUp Professional is FleetUp’s most comprehensive fleet management software solution.

FleetUp Professional combines all the features in FleetUp Standard, FleetUp Compliance and FleetUp Advanced to provide the most powerful fleet management tool for tracking vehicles, ensuring driver compliance and monitoring the vehicle health for your entire fleet.

Monitor every movement

FleetUp is revolutionizing the way companies track, monitor and maintain their vehicles, assets and equipment. FleetUp offers a full suite of cloud-based software products and services for every step of the business journey. Simple and scalable, FleetUp meets the needs of the mobility industry today and in the future.

Asset Management Software

FleetUp provides real-time asset tracking to remotely manage any­ asset anywhere, any time. FleetUp offers three asset management software plans.

FleetUp Asset Container

FleetUp Asset Container provides real time container tracking, monitoring and security to streamline inventory management and prevent theft.

FleetUp Asset Reefer

FleetUp Asset Reefer provides tracking with temperature and humidity control for cargo that requires refrigerated transport.

FleetUp Portable

FleetUp Portable is a tracking and theft prevention solution for high-value, portable assets like shipping pallets and plans.

Equipment Management Software

FleetUp’s real-time equipment tracking software locates, monitors and protects your equipment. FleetUp offer the following software plans:

FleetUp Equipment Standard

FleetUp Equipment Standard is a real time GPS tracking solution for our small and heavy equipment vehicles to ensure they are utilized efficiently and fully protected from potential misuse or thefts.

FleetUp Equipment Advanced

FleetUp Equipment Advanced combines FleetUp Equipment Standard with fuel analysis, engine diagnostics, and remote maintenance monitoring features.

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