FleetUp Driver: Fleet driver management made easy

The FleetUp Driver mobile app is a 24/7 virtual office that lets your drivers spend less time on paperwork and more time moving freight.

Total fleet management in the palm of your hand

FleetUp’s mobile apps and cloud platform are powerful, always-connected tools for drivers who want to focus on driving, managers who want to streamline communications, and companies that want to avoid compliance fines.

Your drivers are out on the road where they should be – not in your office. That’s why they need a mobile app that helps them work more efficiently and complete compliance faster.

FleetUp Driver’s is a driver management tool that has an easy-to-use interface designed to significantly reduce the time drivers spend on administrative tasks through centralizing documentation, streamlining workflows, and reducing busy work.

Time-saving convenience at your fingertips

Benefits and Features

Stay connected and compliant

FleetUp’s Intelligent ELDs connect directly with FleetUp Driver, making it easy to log Hours of Service (HOS). FleetUp Driver keeps your operation 100% compliant by automating log management for HOS records and state mileage reports IFTA filing.

Increase productivity and efficiency

Streamline administrative paperwork with fleet driver management software that lets drivers create, edit, and certify their on-app logs. Drivers can chat with dispatch, receive jobs, select vehicles, complete and share DVIRs with mechanics and managers, and safely upload, organize, and archive documents in the FleetUp Cloud.

Improve safety and prevent violations

FleetUp’s patented voice coaching AI keeps drivers informed of potential HOS violations, current driving status, and remaining driving hours without taking their focus off the road. It allows your drivers to track their time accurately and prevent violations by electronically changing their status to personal conveyance, yard move, sleeper berth, and on or off duty.

Spend less time coaching

AI voice coaching warns drivers of unsafe driving behaviors and impending compliance violations. Prevent costly HOS fines and coach drivers with a voice assistant. E-Instructors coach objectively, so drivers don’t take criticism personally.

Optimize delivery routes

FleetUp’s route optimization lets you find the most efficient route in seconds and send assigned routes to drivers through the app. You’ll save on fuel costs and be able to track driver progress along every route. You can also plan and save dynamic and recurring routes.

Locate assets instantly

Save time and reduce driver frustration. FleetUp Driver helps your staff find assets fast. Employees scan a QR code with their camera, and the app instantly confirms whether it’s their assigned vehicle. Cut down on miscommunication and lost assets.

FleetUp Driver app features

Android & iOS

Download Android or iOS from Google Play and the App Store

Spanish & English

Choose between Spanish and English

HOS Duty Status

Quickly check and update HOS Duty Status

Virtual office

Upload reports and photos to keep documentation centralized

Route optimization

Optimize delivery routes

2-way chat

Facilitate 2-way chat between drivers and dispatch

QR codes

Scan QR codes to quickly and correctly identify assigned vehicles

Real-time alerts

Alert drivers when dispatch assigns new tasks

Remote work orders

Accept and release work orders remotely

Take a peek under the hood