Limitless visibility

Optimize efficiency, safety, and profitability.

About us

FleetUp makes visibility limitless

FleetUp makes visibility limitless. Our powerful cloud fleet management software connects every asset, employee, and worksite.

We believe that real-time fleet monitoring isn’t only about helping companies cut waste and increase revenue, it’s about making roads safe and the environment green.

Our products transform organizations

No matter the size of the business, we help teams communicate, reduce costs, improve workflows, and resolve problems immediately.

FleetUp generates game-changing insights for the companies that drive our economy.

Our mission

FleetUp strives to keep our economy moving by improving road safety, cutting fuel use and reducing pollution, preventing theft, and optimizing operational efficiency.

Global reach, local experience

Our platform powers innovation for our customers and our global service providers. Solutions that are easy to implement and manage, and right-sized for their business.

The FleetUp advantage

End-to-end management

From assets in warehouses to shipments arriving at customer loading docks, our GPS fleet tracking software watches everything. We see what you can’t, eliminating managerial blind spots.

Unlimited scalability

No matter how fast your organization grows, our products instantly scale up. Our tools help you add assets, hire employees, and win new contracts. FleetUp makes expansion easy.

Proactive support

You work around the clock, so we do too. Your personal FleetUp representative will guide you through installation and onboarding, then continue to check in and make sure you’re making the most of our features.

Unmatched monitoring and analysis

Our customers have assets in different lots, employees at different sites, and vehicles on different roads. We connect them all, automatically analyzing data and creating strategies to cut costs and boost profits.

Incredibly intuitive

Our tracking software gathers massive amounts of data, but that’s only half the job. The other half is organizing that data in an intuitive user interface, so you can quickly make game-changing decisions.

Constant innovation

With engineering offices in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, at least 1 team is always hard at work. That’s how we build the practical, patented, innovative features to support business breakthroughs.

Our promise

Constant Innovation. Since the challenges of our clients evolve alongside society, our job is to continually create new technology that solves real-world problems.

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