Introducing the era of fleet automation

Prepare your fleet for tomorrow’s competitive landscape.

Fleets are evolving faster than ever

Over the past few years, the mobility industry’s profit margins have been squeezed razor-thin. Companies that thrived didn’t run away from change – they beat out their competitors by embracing it.

Today, the next fleet management revolution has begun. This is the moment when companies will either automate their operations or become relics of the past. FleetUp has created the industry’s first fleet automation platform. It makes fleets smarter, faster, and more competitive than ever.

Don’t let history pass you by. Automate your fleet.

The 4 pillars of fleet automation

Automate data collection

Every second of data, from every asset, vehicle, employee, worksite, and job is automatically collected.

Automate data analysis

AI reads and understands the massive data your organization generates, pinpointing where action needs to be taken.

Automate management tasks

Software automatically performs basic management and administrative tasks, taking meticulous jobs off your team’s to-do-list.

Automate the processes that optimize your entire operation

AI examines your organizational structure, suggesting big-picture strategies you can adopt to maximize revenue.

End-to-end workflow automation

FleetUp automates every job from beginning to end


Auto-pair shipping documents to vehicles, assets, and destinations. Assign jobs to drivers and employees.


Voice assistants watch drivers and tell them when they’re driving recklessly and risking HOS noncompliance.


Every second of data, from every asset, vehicle, employee, worksite, and job is automatically collected.


Automate the background operations that keep your fleet running smoothly


Automate real-time maintenance notifications. Real-time SMS and email alerts show mechanics what needs work now.


Automate real-time anti-theft notifications. SMS and email alerts keep your security team informed in real time.

Job sites

Create custom monitoring for every jobsite, from warehouse lots to customer loading docks and more.

Back office

Automate driver time cards and integrate your current system into the FleetUp platform with open API.

Fleet automation does more work with fewer resources

Fleet automation technology takes jobs off your plate. It tracks, monitors, and manages assets for you. When you automate your fleet, you cut costs while becoming faster and more productive.

Put your fleet on an all-in-one platform

Connecting to FleetUp puts all your assets on the same platform. Problem-solve instantaneously by finding GPS location, driver HOS status, engine condition, and more on a single-screen map.

Manage vehicles, drivers, assets, equipment, and shipments

FleetUp is the only platform that offers universal tracking, monitoring and managing everything from job sites to loading docks to shipments and more.

Streamline operations with fleet AI

Keep workflow running smoothly by farming out tasks to FleetUp AI. It watches your operations for you. The moment intervention is necessary, it alerts your team and suggests problem-solving strategies.

Automate success with data analysis

All of your assets are constantly generating data. This information reveals which employees are driving recklessly, which assets are sitting idle, which engines need repair, and more. Although it’s fundamental to charting a path to success, it’s impossible for managers to track an endless stream of second-by-second changes.

FleetUp solves the problem by automating both data collection and analysis. FleetUp’s software constantly monitors driver safety, searching for underutilized assets, identifying engine problems, and more. It then analyzes that information to suggest strategies that will make your operation more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.

Make faster decisions on a real-time platform

Fleets are dispersed across huge distances, constantly moving, and always encountering on-the-road obstacles. It’s no wonder that fleet management is so difficult – no one can keep track of so many things at once.

The FleetUp platform is built to do what even the largest team can’t – collect and monitor massive amounts of fleet data. It provides a single screen that makes your entire operation visible. Use it to watch live dashcam video, check current engine data, review real-time HOS status, and get all the information you need to make fast and informed decisions.

Harness AI to do more jobs with fewer people

IoT promised the world. FleetUp automation delivers it.

IoT promised to make fleets more productive by providing unprecedented operational visibility. But for years, the only way fleets could get those benefits was to pour time and money into intensive data management.

Today, that has changed. FleetUp’s AI manages IoT’s constant stream of data so that fleets don’t have to. By automating away the hard part, FleetUp has delivered on IoT’s original promise.

With fleet automation, managers do more work with fewer resources. They let AI monitor vehicles, assets, equipment, employees, jobsites, and more. The moment a manager’s attention is needed, FleetUp AI sends them a custom message explaining the issue.

AI also monitors big picture priorities. By constantly tracking a hyper-detailed stream of data, it identifies small operational changes that generate big profits. Automation streamlines both day-to-day and long-term workflows, mapping every second of every organizational process. It’s what fleets can expect now that IoT’s full potential has finally been realized. Do work faster, cheaper, and more efficiently with FleetUp’s AI automation. Harness AI to do more jobs with fewer people. Streamline fleet workflow by automating data monitoring and management.

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