Shipment security for today’s toughest challenges

Fight shipping container theft with with FleetUp’s shipment security software

Monitor high-value goods

Preventing shipment theft can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Opportunistic criminals take advantage of any delay or hiccup to grab packages. Insider theft can occur at any time between shipments leaving warehouses and arriving at their destinations. It can be impossible to identify what’s organized theft and what’s expected accidental loss.

FleetUp’s shipment security solution is designed to overcome each of these issues. Users can view the GPS location of all of their high-value shipments on a single real-time map. Automated tools replace outdated and error-prone manual tracking processes. The FleetUp system identifies late and lost shipments, sorting them into a dashboard where users can pull them up and track them down.

Don’t allow thieves to chip away at your profits. Protect your shipments with FleetUp.

Complete shipment security


Online platform

All-in-one cloud control center

Real-time monitoring

GPS updates every 10 seconds

Loss identification

Automated shipment categorization: on-going, late, lost

Arrival confirmation

Automated registration of completed shipments

Reduce mistakes

Eliminate error-prone manual tracking

Trip replay videos

Identify where shipments were lost or delayed

3-point theft prevention

Eliminate blind spots

The real-time GPS location of shipments are displayed on a single digital map. Complete operational visibility, via both desktop and mobile devices.

Eliminate manual processes

Manual processes are vulnerable to error and insider theft. Stop tracking down invoice numbers, calling destinations to confirm arrival, and more. FleetUp automates shipment monitoring.

Maintain full traceability

FleetUp automatically surfaces late and lost shipments on a one-click dashboard. From there, users can identify where shipments were lost or stolen by watching trip replay videos.

FleetUp cargo security: The comprehensive anti-theft solution

FleetUp’s premium anti-theft feature combines shipment security with container security to create all-in-one comprehensive cargo security.

Featuring the industry’s only in-transit theft alerts, as well as a suite of features to secure shipments and guard containers, it’s the ultimate way to respond to theft in real time, keep criminals away from your operation, and ensure that every delivery arrives at its final destination.

Stop criminals in their tracks