GPS fleet tracking software

Manage and monitor your fleet with FleetUp’s all-in-one cloud fleet tracking solution

Instant visibility

Comprehensive fleet control

Log onto your FleetUp account to instantly see the status of every asset on the road, in the warehouse, or on the job. Connect to employees, customers, and partners via a single map interface.

End-to-end data monitoring and analysis

Automated fleet monitoring sends notifications to the right team member at the right time. Mechanics are alerted when engines are in trouble, safety managers are told when employees drive recklessly, and more.

An effortless, cloud-based experience

Plug-and-play devices automatically send data to the FleetUp cloud. Log onto your FleetUp account via any desktop or mobile device. That’s the brilliance of cloud fleet management software.

10-second data updates

Personalize how often your equipment updates. Choose 10 seconds for on-the-move assets or 24 hours for stationary machines.

Advanced map interface

See every asset’s location. Access real-time data. Communicate with staff. Share information with partners. Do it all on your cloud fleet management software.

Maximized efficiency

FleetUp’s telematics platform monitors and interprets data, revealing strategies to cut waste and increase profits.

Tailor-made geofences

Create geofences around any location. Set unique equipment tracking parameters for each geofence, including asset speed, departure notifications, and more.

Permanent tracking records

Watch trip history videos to see where your assets went and when. This data will help you document equipment misuse, locate stolen assets, and more.

Virtual workspace

Whether you’re working from home or talking to a driver on the other side of the country, everyone shares the same online workspace.

The 3 principles of simple fleet tracker software

1. Simple installation

Connect your assets to telematics software easily. Install FleetUp’s plug-and-play devices in minutes.

2. Simple sign in

Log in from any device, anywhere, anytime. Your software runs on the FleetUp cloud, so you never have to worry about losing your data.

3. Simple price structure

At FleetUp, we don’t over complicate our prices. Activation, onboarding, and training, and support are all free.

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