Protect your fleet with industry-leading vehicle and asset security

Deter theft. Recover vehicles, equipment and assets and stop unauthorized use in its tracks.

Theft is an expense you can’t afford

Commercial vehicle and asset theft can have a crippling effect on commercial business operations that already have numerous production and financial challenges.

It can cost $100K-$200K or more to replace a commercial truck. You need to protect your operation, stop theft before it happens, and recover your assets ASAP when it does.

Popular anti-theft devices such as alarms and steering wheel locks are not practical or effective enough for the trucking industry or businesses with commercial fleets.

FleetUp’s comprehensive vehicle and asset security protection can give your business the extra security you need.

The rising costs of theft and unauthorized use

The average rate of theft in 2020 was one vehicle every 3 minutes.
In 2022, events involving heavy commercial vehicle theft increased 17% year-over-year.
of all vehicle thefts are commercial trucks and trailers.
of stolen commercial vehicles will not be recovered.

Complete vehicle protection

Detect suspicious movement

FleetUp’s Protection Mode helps you identify when vehicles have moved during pre-determined detection times. The moment any vehicle is moved during non-business hours, for example, your team is alerted. GPS tracking then helps you accurately locate the vehicle and see where it’s going, empowering you to respond quickly and appropriately to suspicious activity.

Set up dynamic geofences anywhere

Within Protection Mode, you can set up customizable, flexible virtual perimeters around any and all vehicles, job sites, warehouses, or client locations you desire — with specific rules for each. Get immediate text or email alerts whenever vehicles enter or leave the area during the times you designate.

Customize real-time alerts

Whenever a vehicle moves more than a short distance outside its assigned location during non-working hours, users are notified in real time via email and/or SMS. This allows for vehicles to be moved for legitimate reasons within the yard without generating erroneous alerts, while still catching thieves or unauthorized drivers when your vehicles are moved.

Monitor lengthy stops

Use Stop Location Analysis to review the locations of drivers’ extended stops, allowing you to verify whether the stops are legitimate or in high-risk areas.

Control of your fleet, at your fingertips

FleetUp’s remote engine starter shut-off solution prevents ignitions from starting, saving you time and money by avoiding the need to locate or salvage stolen vehicles.  

FleetUp’s remote engine starter shut-off technology is connected to FleetUp’s GPS vehicle tracker and is compatible with passenger, light-duty and heavy-duty trucks and some construction equipment. Aid authorities in catching criminals and recovering your assets by sharing trip replay data and/or live GPS monitoring.

Comprehensive asset and shipment protection

Identify unusual activity

Detect suspicious movement and prevent theft or misuse of assets or equipment when they’re not supposed to be in operation. Receive alerts if your assets are moved during pre-established, non-working hours.

Create dynamic geofences

Place movable borders around any job site, headquarters, or client location and create unique rules and alerts for all of your assets or equipment within each geofence.

Get accurate location updates

Gain insight into whether your assets are entering high-risk areas and how long they remain there, so you can assess the level of risk to high-value shipments and equipment.

Monitor stop locations

Know exactly when vehicles enter high-risk areas and how long they stay. Monitor vehicle movement and immediately alert security personnel and authorities if they’re delayed or lingering longer than expected.

Receive break-in alerts

Add an additional layer of asset and shipment security with real-time break-in alert detection for containers.

Stop vehicle and asset theft in its tracks

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