Airport equipment and vehicle GPS tracking

Track, manage, and protect your ground equipment, vehicles and assets with an all-in-one GPS solution.

Monitor your airport and airline’s assets in real-time

It’s a tall order to track and manage your service vehicles, ground support equipment, staff and other assets in real-time, across your entire airport or airline operation. The sheer volume of assets and resources you need to track, along with all the data you collect, can be overwhelming.

Compound that with the size of modern airports and the number of operations you manage and it’s safe to say it’s no small undertaking. The risk and complexity are always growing.

You need to know where your assets are and how they’re being used at all times. You need to stay on top of maintenance to keep every vehicle in top shape and operating at maximum fuel efficiency. You need to keep safety top of mind and continually coach and train employees. And you can’t afford to have any of your expensive assets sitting idle, being underutilized.

You need a cutting-edge, all-in-one, real-time solution that measures and monitors all your assets, wherever they are, and sends instant notifications so you can respond to problems quickly. You also want to automate your back office admin tasks to make sure your operation is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Enter FleetUp’s comprehensive fleet and asset management solution for airlines, airports, and surrounding areas.

Manage motorized airport ground equipment with comprehensive GPS tracking

FleetUp’s complete GPS tracking for airports is a smart and easy to manage solution. With access to real-time data and updates made every few seconds, you can review your equipment location, engine status, and more. It creates automated engine alerts to keep equipment in optimal operating condition.

Track equipment large and small

Retrieve the status of every asset on a single, real-time map. Monitor all your assets, from all locations, wherever you are. Rapidly solve problems and share data with stakeholders.

Create tailor-made geofences

Place movable virtual borders around any location. Set unique equipment tracking parameters for each geofence. Get location-based SMS and email alerts for all your vehicles and assets.

Prevent theft and unauthorized use

Quickly track and recover assets that have been lost, stolen, or mishandled with remote shut-off. Receive automated messages immediately after any asset leaves its geofence.

Continue working in harsh environments

FleetUp devices stand up to severe conditions and continue recording even if network connection is lost. Data is saved and sent immediately after a connection is restored.

Track non-motorized airport assets from a single, unified platform

Non-motorized equipment is crucial to the successful day-to-day operation of any major airport or airline. With FleetUp’s GPS tracking software, you can remotely monitor any asset — from baggage containers and passenger boarding stairs to cargo pallets. Know exactly where your equipment is, at any time and from any device, with our all-in-one asset tracking software.

Continuous location updates

Every 10 seconds, FleetUp’s cloud telematics checks the status of every asset in your organization. Stay informed in real time by accessing a single central dashboard.

Advanced GPS asset tracking software

From anti-theft technology to timely custom SMS and email alerts, FleetUp asset trackers support comprehensive equipment monitoring and management. Quickly recover lost or stolen assets.

Simple installation

FleetUp’s asset tracker doesn’t require tape, screws, or attachments. Any first-time user can intuitively understand how to firmly install the device. Discreetly fit trackers nearly anywhere.

Optimize your airport operations with cutting-edge telemetrics

Track the location, security and status of ground vehicles, ground support equipment (GSE), and other assets in real-time.

Maximize your vehicle investment

From passenger buses to service trucks and fire trucks — with real-time location tracking. Prevent breakdowns by monitoring engine diagnostics and fault codes and cut costs by reducing idle time.

Monitor your entire fleet in real time

Monitor your drivers to better understand and coach risky driving behaviors, speeding, excessive idling, and more. Respond quickly to incidents and accidents with customized alerts.

Optimize fuel efficiency and asset utilization

Monitor fuel consumption and mileage so you can take appropriate actions when needed. Know how your vehicles are being used at all times and minimize unnecessary idle time.

Reduce vehicle maintenance costs

Get the tools you need to save on costly repairs with real-time engine diagnostics and regular maintenance schedules. Ensure you never miss important alerts and minimize surprise breakdowns.

Improve driver safety with FleetUp’s AI fleet dashcam

Increase safety across all aspects of your operation with FleetUp AI dual-facing dashcam. Install on any vehicle and record footage of how employees are driving. Monitor your workforce in real time or store the recordings in the cloud for swift review any time you want.

Get world-class protection

Busy airport environments create countless opportunities for accidents and injury. Get increased transparency and unrivaled visibility with a full view of both the road and in-cabin environments.

Monitor driving habits with AI

Help your drivers identify and correct excessive behaviors like speeding, rapid acceleration, and harsh braking, which can waste fuel and increase the likelihood of accidents and vehicle damage.

Lower your accident risk

Alert drivers with a voice assistant “advanced warning system” that increases their awareness of dangerous driving behaviors and road conditions in real time, while reminding them to put safety first.

Effectively coach your drivers

Efficiently manage risks with recorded footage and safety scorecards. Coach drivers to reduce everything from accidents to vehicle wear and tear. Save significantly on insurance costs.

Build real-time visibility and control into your entire airport or airline operation