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Set E-Maintenance Thresholds


When engine and vehicle health isn’t checked regularly – or when scheduled checks are forgotten – breakdowns become more likely and more costly. E-Maintenance is a powerful tool that automates checkup scheduling, sending customized alerts to you and your mechanics. Follow these steps to personalize your vehicles’ maintenance thresholds. Click the “e-Maintenance” tab. Click the Read more…

Create a Fuel Analysis Report


Gas is a major revenue-reducer, but it’s incredibly difficult to reduce fuel use – or at least, it has been until now. With FleetUp’s Fuel Analysis Reports, you can see exactly which vehicles and drivers are wasting the most fuel, how fuel is being wasted, and track your entire fleet’s fuel use. Follow these steps Read more…

Turn Voice-Over HOS AI On or Off


FleetUp Mobile’s Voice-Over HOS will tell you when you’re committing compliance violations or driving recklessly. It’s like having your own personal coach join you in the cab. Follow these instructions to turn this feature on and off. Go to the “Settings” feature via the menu. To turn Voice Over HOS on, toggle this button to Read more…

Accept or Reject an Administrator’s Suggest HOS Edit


If your administrator wants you to make a change your HOS log, you choose to approve or deny that change. After your administrator makes their request, follow these steps to complete the process. Go to the “Actions” feature via the home page or the menu. To accept a change, go to A. To reject a change, Read more…

Revise Your HOS Log


When you have to correct errors in your HOS log, FleetUp Mobile makes it easy. Follow these steps and put your logs in order. Go to the “HOS” feature via the home page or the menu. Click on the “Logs” tab. Click the calendar icon to select the date of the logs you want to revise. Read more…

Change Your Current HOS Status


Whether you’re driving across your company’s lot or off the clock and driving home, you need to report your status. FleetUp Mobile makes the process easy, quick, and intuitive. Follow these steps to change your current status. Go to the “HOS” feature via the home page or the menu. You will automatically be taken to the Read more…

Complete a DVIR


Our app will help you fill out and submit your pre and post-DVIRs faster than ever. The following steps break down FleetUp Mobile’s intuitive DVIR interface: Go to the “DVIR” feature via the home page or the menu. Click “Create New Inspection Report.” Enter “Report Title.” Enter “Trailer.” Enter “Team Driver.” Enter “Start Odometer.” Enter “End Read more…

Using the Menu


If you want to go to a different category of the app: Click the hamburger button (the three white bars) in the screen’s top left corner. The menu will appear on the left side of the screen. Go to any feature by clicking the feature’s name.

Change or Edit HOS Requirements


Every fleet is different, every driver is different, and every job is different. That’s why FleetUp’s customizable tools are so important. If you need to temporarily or permanently change certain HOS settings, we’ll help you do it. Follow these instructions to customize your HOS: Click your name in the top right corner of the home Read more…

Create a New Admin Account


The FleetUp Performance Platform has many powerful insights you’ll want to share with your organization. When your staff can access its many features, they’ll work smarter and more efficiently. Add a new admin account by following these steps: Click your name in the top right corner of the home screen. Click “Setting” in the drop-down Read more…

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