Track and coach driving behavior for a safer, more efficient fleet

Accidents cause $60 billion in losses annually. A single crash costs a fleet $16,500 on average. Lower your costs and keep your drivers safer with FleetUp’s driver safety scorecards.

Assess driver performance automatically
with truck driver safety scorecards


Negotiate lower insurance premiums

When drivers drive better, you gain the negotiating power you need to lower your insurance premiums.

Reduce accidents, traffic violations, and fines

Driver safety scorecards keep drivers accountable, helping you reduce accidents and violations within your fleet.

Increase vehicle health with more cautious driving

Your fleet is an asset. Protect it and improve its longevity with driver scorecards and real-time driver coaching.

Reduce fuel expenses with more efficient driving

Understand what behaviors are driving up costs and mitigate them to reduce your fuel expenses.

Decrease speeding by coaching drivers

With our driver safety scorecards, you have the power to decrease speeding and other hazardous habits.

Reduce risks
from reckless driving

Eliminating reckless driving incidents doesn’t just save money. It saves lives. Costly violations and even minor fender-benders can make big dents in your profits, meaning every unsafe driving decision puts your fleet at risk. Make your operation safer with:

Behavior tracking

Assess driver performance with FleetUp’s driver scorecards. Improve drivers’ on-the-road conduct and know how often they engage in unsafe behavior. Decrease traffic violations and identify high-risk drivers through driving pattern analysis. Customize scoring based on the most important violations for your business.

Driver coaching

Use our driver safety scorecards to increase your drivers’ accountability. Discover which drivers need coaching and see where they need to improve. Provide data-driven weekly coaching to reduce at-risk behaviors and avoid unnecessary accidents.

Measurable cost savings

Increased driver safety can help you negotiate lower insurance premiums, protect vehicle health and the life of your fleet with more cautious driving, and reduce fuel expenses through more efficient driving habits. You can also lower your risk by reducing accidents, traffic violations, and fines.

Quantify driver safety

  • Grade your drivers’ behaviors on factors such as hard acceleration, speeding, harsh braking, sharp turns, and idling.
  • Generate safety scorecard grades that show which drivers need improvement and specifically how they can improve.
  • Create customizable scorecards. Give greater weight to infractions that are more harmful to your business.

Measure what matters

Fleet and safety managers can’t be everywhere at once. With FleetUp driver safety, they don’t have to be. Receive customized, real-time alerts when drivers commit pre-selected safety violations. Choose the best response, hold drivers accountable, and set your mind at ease.

Identify which drivers engage in unsafe behaviors with the driver safety scorecard. Customize the violations you want to track as well as their importance to your business. The higher a factor is weighted, the more negatively it affects a driver’s score.

Change reckless behaviors

Review drivers’ scorecards weekly and identify your fleet’s most reckless drivers. Increase driver accountability by setting an achievable weekly goal for each of the drivers you meet with.

If your organization doesn’t have time to teach individual drivers, consider using FleetUp’s mobile app with an AI assistant that gives neutral feedback when they’re engaging in bad driving behaviors.

The benefits keep coming

Reward improvements

With the right information at your fingertips, you can implement reward programs for drivers who put safety first.

Using safety scorecard grades, see which drivers perform the best and which ones improve the most. Show your appreciation and motivate the rest of your team at the same time.

If one driver consistently shows a lack of improvement, use your telematics platform’s analytics to design a training program targeted at that driver’s specific bad habits.

Save money

Accidents and reckless driving behaviors cost you in terms of repairs, replacements, injuries, time lost, higher insurance premiums, fines, and more.

When you measurably improve your company’s driver safety record, you can:

  • Negotiate lower insurance premiums.
  • Reduce accidents, traffic violations, and fines.
  • Increase vehicle and overall fleet health with more cautious driving.
  • Reduce fuel expenses with more efficient driving.

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