Easy DVIR compliance that keeps your fleet on the road longer

Catch small maintenance issues before they become big problems with FleetUp’s DVIR software.

Increase vehicle uptime, centralize record keeping, and automate compliance

Identifying maintenance issues early is critical to prolong the life of your fleet and avoid costly engine replacements. Our DVIR is comprehensive, so your team sees all issues right away. Drivers report issues in real time and records are available on the cloud instantaneously. Streamline communication with management and maintenance teams, make sure your drivers are in the right vehicles, and save admin time. Cut the hours your vehicles spend in the shop and keep them hauling freight instead.

Improved vehicle uptime

With FleetUp Mobile, drivers document issues the moment they are discovered, in lots or on the road, so you can fix small problems before they become big ones. Save money on repair costs and decrease maintenance hours while increasing vehicle uptime.

Greater productivity

FleetUp’s mobile app eliminates confusion and helps your drivers to quickly find and identify their vehicles. Ensure compliance, eliminate mistakes, and let drivers spend more time on the road and less time filing DVIRs with reports uploaded automatically to FleetUp’s secure cloud.

Automated and centralized reporting

Simplify record-keeping processes for drivers and the back office and stop manually searching for records. Centralize all of your reports on one platform with FleetUp’s e-DVIR software. Let mechanics access DVIR reports and full vehicle inspection histories with FleetUp FMS.

Cloud platform

  • Make filing DVIRs easier than ever before with secure uploads to the cloud.
  • Let mechanics access DVIR reports and full vehicle inspection histories immediately.
  • Centralize record keeping, save admin time, and automate compliance.

The FleetUp Driver mobile app

  • Document issues the moment they’re discovered, from the palm of your hand.
  • Complete electronic pre- and post-DVIRs and digitally send them to the FMCSA.
  • Upload up to ten images at a time to FleetUp’s secure platform.

Streamlined reporting

  • Centralize and simplify record-keeping for drivers and your back office.
  • Streamline communication and stop manually searching for records.
  • Keep your entire team, including mechanics, in the loop no matter where they are.

Cost and time savings

  • Report issues in real time and keep minor repairs from becoming major ones.
  • Decrease hours vehicles are being repaired and increase your fleet’s uptime.
  • Let drivers select vehicles by scanning a unique QR code placed in each cabin.

Maintain asset security

  • Lock container doors remotely via your secure account.
  • Receive real-time alerts and never miss an important event.

Monitor detailed real-time data

  • See drivers’ assigned vehicles, phone numbers, HOS status, and more.
  • Find trip info including miles traveled, gallons, start and end address, and more.

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