Fleet Management Software for Small Business

Manage and protect your fleet with FleetUp’s all-in-one small business fleet GPS tracking system

Give your small business a big advantage

Managing small fleets means monitoring a huge number of details. Everything from driver safety to engine health to delivery ETA can have a big impact on your bottom line. That’s why comprehensive fleet management software can make such a difference – it automates many of the monitoring processes that slow your operation down.

FleetUp offers small business fleets an all-in-one platform with an easy-to-understand user interface. On the FleetUp advanced map, users can see the real-time status of their entire operation – everything from vehicle location to engine status to live streaming dashcam videos. Turbocharge your small business’ growth with the FleetUp platform.

Comprehensive fleet monitoring benefits for small business

Gain real-time visibility

  • Know exactly where your fleet is with 10-second update intervals
  • Prevent theft and unauthorized vehicle use with the remote shut-off feature
  • Review finished jobs with trip history reports

Fleet monitoring with asset tracking

  • Track vehicles, equipment, and staff
  • Supervise job sites with geofence alerts
  • Dispatch delivery with route optimization

Maintain asset and engine health

  • Create centralized maintenance schedules
  • Audit engines remotely with health alerts
  • Cut costs with patented fuel waste analysis

Supervise mobile staff

  • Dispatch jobs via the FleetUp Driver mobile app
  • Automate payroll with remote timecards
  • Prevent risky behavior with driver safety scorecards

Enhance customer support

  • Provide pinpoint delivery times with live ETA
  • Send partners GPS, HOS, asset data, and more
  • Share automated arrival notifications

Automate compliance

  • Add the industry’s best ELD to your fleet
  • Stay compliant with voice-assisted HOS
  • Simplify IFTA reporting with automation

Help every small business employee contribute more to the bottom line

Identify inefficient employees by reviewing their GPS job history. See how long they spent at job sites, where they took detours between jobs, when they clocked in and out, and more.

Automated email and text notifications instantly inform you when employees engage in behaviors that put your business at risk. Respond to incidents of bad driving and unapproved asset usage as they’re happening.

Keep every asset on the job and working longer

Centralize maintenance records and schedules on one system accessible to all approved employees.

Prevent asset breakdown. Automated email and text alerts notify your mechanics when engines are in trouble, so they can stop engine failure before it happens.

Stop theft and asset loss. Automated alerts, sent to your email address or phone number, notify you the moment assets are taken offsite or turned on during off hours.

Take a peek under the hood

We’re here to help increase the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of your organization.

No matter where your business goes, we’ll be there, tracking your progress. Fill out the form and one of our specialists will provide a free consultation and show you how our small business fleet management software works.