Fleet Management Software for Logistics

Manage and protect your fleet with FleetUp’s all-in-one logistics fleet GPS tracking system

Unparalleled security for an uncertain world

Transportation companies face risks on every road, in every port, and at every border. In the US alone, cargo theft reaches $15 to $35 billion. Human smugglers, terrorists, and drug traffickers take advantage of every opportunity to slip illegal goods into shipping containers.

That’s why FleetUp’s solution features the industry’s only end-to-end automated security package. No other provider can send alerts the moment criminals attempt to open container doors. And not a single competing provider offers devices with battery life that will protect containers throughout every minute of months-long trips.

Comprehensive logistics management

Track real-time GPS location

  • Monitor jobs with 10 second fleet monitoring updates.
  • Prevent theft with geofence alerts.
  • Review finished jobs with trip history reports.

Monitor assets with real-time tracking

  • Track vehicles, equipment, and staff.
  • Supervise job sites with geofence alerts.
  • Dispatch deliveries with route optimization.

Maintain asset and engine health

  • Create centralized maintenance schedules.
  • Audit engines remotely with health alerts.
  • Cut costs with patented Fuel Waste Analysis.

Unbeatable battery life

  • Devices last 3 months without recharging.
  • 10-second updates continue through all 3 months.
  • Solar chargers extend battery life even longer.

Single-screen interface

  • See every asset on one digital map.
  • Manage with a one-touch interface.
  • Monitor real-time status updates.

Virtual workspace

  • View data on a secure cloud platform.
  • Access your account via mobile and desktop.
  • Share real-time intel with partners and employees.

How automated end-to-end security works:

Fast and fool-proof installation

FleetUp’s intuitive installation process can be performed by anyone. Once installed, devices are firmly and securely attached to containers.

Anti-theft alerts

The moment anyone attempts to open your container’s doors, automated alerts are sent to your security team via SMS or email.

Remotely control container doors

Guard high-value shipments by giving only one person permission to lock and unlock doors – a trusted administrator in your office’s HQ.

90-day battery life

No other logistics solution provides devices that stay powered for at least 90 days while updating their location every 10 seconds.

Solar charger extension

When assets need to be tracked for longer than 90 days, FleetUp’s solar chargers will prolong battery life indefinitely.

AI does more work with
fewer resources

AI takes jobs off your plate. It tracks, monitors, and manages assets for you. When you add AI to your operation, you cut costs while becoming faster and more productive.

Streamline workflow

AI maps every second of every organizational process. It tracks the efficiency of every port, warehouse, and worksite. It keeps partners informed. It understands your business.

Optimize strategy

By constantly tracking a hyper-detailed stream of data, AI picks up the small things leadership misses and suggests small changes that generate big profits.

Stay informed

When AI identifies a problem it can’t fix itself, it sends a detailed message directly to the employee best suited to finding a solution.

Automate your enterprise

We’re here to help increase the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of your organization.

No matter where your business goes, we’ll be there, tracking your progress. Fill out the form and one of our specialists will provide a free consultation and show you how our logistics fleet management software works.

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