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General FAQs

How does FleetUp provide software updates?

FleetUp’s FMS/HOS solution is web and mobile application-based and all software updates are handled remotely. Also, FleetUp performs FOTA (firmware over-the-air) updates to the ELD hardware.

Is the FleetUp ELD a Device or an App?

The Electronic Logging Device itself is a device that is plugged in to the vehicle. However, your drivers will be accessing their logs through the FleetUp HOS Companion App. Our device is compatible for those with these operating systems or higher: Android 4.0 and iOS 7.1.

Will my drivers need to remember to turn on the FleetUp device/app?

The device is installed in the vehicle and should not be removed. Drivers will not need to "turn on" the device. As for the FleetUp HOS Companion App, yes drivers must sign in.

Drivers need to sign in and select the vehicle they are going to operate. As per FMCSA rules, drivers need to fill out their pre-trip inspection reports and certify their logs on a daily basis. Because we allow our drivers to do those items from our app, your drivers should be logging into the app every day they drive.

Does each driver need to have a login?

Yes, each driver will be assigned a username and password for the app. You as the owner or fleet manager will be able to create these unique usernames and passwords.

Will the vehicle simply turn off if the FleetUp ELD is not working?

No, the ELD is a passive device; it cannot override the vehicle in any way. Our device and app work independently. Our device will continue to work if the OBD port has power and the device is plugged in. If the driver's phone battery dies and he or she does not have access to the app, edits can be made online.

Does the FleetUp HOS Companion App notify the driver before a violations occurs?

There is an option for the driver to receive a notification when he or she is close to triggering a violation. The driver can customize when to receive an alert.

How many people can access a FleetUp account at once?

Your account is accessible via any web browser — multiple people can be logged in to the platform simultaneously. FleetUp Administrators can define what type of accounts are created: drivers, managers, regional managers, etc.

FleetUp ELD FAQs

Will The FleetUp ELD drain my vehicle's battery?

No. The FleetUp ELD requires very little power to recharge its internal battery. It will only use power when the vehicle’s ignition is on.

How do the FleetUp ELD and the Companion App work together?

The FleetUp ELD is a hardware device that installs in 10 minutes as a hidden installation in the vehicle, and it keeps the OBD-II port open for maintenance. The FleetUp HOS Companion App is used in combination with the FleetUp ELD, and captures HOS driving time in compliance with the FMCSA ELD Mandate, requiring drivers to use in-vehicle ELDs by December 18, 2017.

Does the FleetUp ELD require a special installation?

No. The FleetUp ELD will install in a standard vehicle in about 10 minutes. Some vehicles might take a little while longer, but it’s quick, and we send you everything you need for installation.

Do I need a special or dedicated device to use the FleetUp HOS Companion App?

No. The FleetUp HOS Companion App is compatible with the vast majority of Android and iOS devices.

What happens if the FleetUp ELD or the FleetUp HOS Companion App loses connection to the cell towers?

Both the FleetUp ELD and the FleetUp HOS Companion App can be used offline. Even without a connection, the FleetUp ELD will continue to collect GPS and vehicle data and will send that data to the cloud and FleetUp HOS Companion App as soon as it can reestablish a data connection.

How will the driver know when their Hours of Service (HOS) are nearly up or when they are about to violate the FMCSA’s mandate?

The FleetUp HOS Companion App is the only ELD-HOS app that offers Voice Over HOS. It will proactively and audibly (via voice) advise the driver of their on-duty time remaining, as well as offer pre-violation warnings as they approach the limits of their authorized Hours of Service.

Does the FleetUp ELD support off-duty driving?

Yes. Drivers can set their driving status to personal conveyance or yard move in the FleetUp HOS Companion App.

Can the FleetUp ELD be disconnected or hacked?

FleetUp ELDs are installed under the dashboard, and are out of view/access in normal circumstances. Because the FleetUp ELD doesn’t use Bluetooth, the risk of hacking or unauthorized access is virtually nil.

FleetUp Fleet Management System (FMS) FAQs

How often does the map refresh?

The interactive map in the FleetUp FMS updates automatically, every 10 seconds.

How many geofences can be created per account, or vehicle?

With the FleetUp FMS, you can define an unlimited number of geofences, and assign one or all of your vehicles.

How long is my data available online?

Your data is available within the FleetUp FMS for six months. Fleet Managers requiring data or activity records older than six months can request an archived copy.

Is two-way communication available between the drivers and the dispatcher/manager?

Yes. FleetUp FMS allows those with administrative access to send and receive messages to drivers from within the FleetUp Platform. Drivers will receive these messages within the FleetUp HOS Companion App.

What kind of alerts will FleetUp FMS administrators receive?

FleetUp FMS administrators define and customize the type of alerts they want to receive and when they want to receive them, including: speeding, idling, harsh RPM, entering/exiting geofences, and much more.

How often can we receive reports?

FleetUp FMS subscribers can view and export a wide variety of reports based on vehicle(s), date/time, and the specific information wanted. Customers who subscribe to receive our patented Fuel Waste Analysis reports will receive them on a monthly basis.