FleetUp cargo security: A comprehensive response to theft’s changing landscape


The cargo security landscape has radically changed over the last three years.

In 2019, most businesses had a locked-in risked strategy. They knew where, when, and how often theft commonly occurred. They had built long-established security processes to minimize theft’s impact.

Then, COVID-19, international lockdowns, and the supply chain crisis torpedoed those processes overnight. As the supply chain slowed down, new choke points appeared faster than organizations could track them. Opportunistic thieves took advantage of the confusion and theft rose to unprecedented highs.

While the chaos of the pandemic has calmed, the impact of the supply chain crisis permanently changed the nature of cargo theft. In this environment, operations are looking for new anti-theft tools that allow them to nimbly respond to rapidly changing on-the-ground conditions.

This is why FleetUp created a groundbreaking all-in-one cargo security solution that allows users to nimbly respond to rapidly changing on-the-ground conditions. It provides real-time GPS location and security of containers and monitoring of individual shipments. Users can choose FleetUp’s container and shipment solutions separately or combine them to provide an all-in-one cargo security solution. Here’s how each of those options works:


FleetUp container security

Until now, operations haven’t had any extremely precise anti-theft tools. Most security solutions simply offer geofence alerts that notify users when containers leave lots and loading sites. But containers leave these sites daily, which means that users are inundated with false positives.

FleetUp offers the industry’s only real-time break-in alerts. The moment that a thief breaks through a container’s doors, users are alerted via email and/or SMS notifications. This gives users the opportunity to respond to theft the moment it occurs.

FleetUp container security doesn’t end there. Users can find the location of every container on a single real-time digital map. Everything from past trip records to current alerts are available on an all-in-one cloud platform control center. It’s the most cutting-edge container security solution in the industry.


FleetUp shipment security

Businesses that want to see the location of every shipment on a single real-time map – but don’t necessarily want to track containers – can use FleetUp’s shipment security solution. This is an all-in-one cloud platform control center for packages and high-value deliveries.

From this control center, users are able to stop theft at several points. First, by identifying the real-time GPS location of shipments, FleetUp eliminates blindspots. Second, FleetUp eliminates errors caused by manual processes with automated shipment registering and tracking. Third, FleetUp automatically categorizes shipments as “late” or “lost,” so users always maintain full shipment traceability.

Without this solution, operations have no ability to see where their in-transit shipments are. They’re also vulnerable to the slow and error-prone manual processes that are put them at risk of insider fraud and theft. With FleetUp shipment security, operations can ensure that shipments arrive at their final destinations.


FleetUp cargo security

According to BSI and TT Club, 71% to 87% of cargo theft occurs when cargo is in transit. But no anti-theft tools have helped users respond to on-the-road theft – until now.

FleetUp offers the industry’s only in-transit theft alerts. Whenever a shipment is taken away from its container, users are alerted via a real-time email and/or SMS notification. Now, operations can respond to the most common form of cargo theft in real time.

FleetUp cargo security also includes all of the features of FleetUp container security and FleetUp shipment security – break-in alerts, an all-in-one cloud control center, a real-time digital map, and more. It’s the most comprehensive approach to preventing theft.


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