Easy steps to prevent commercial vehicle theft

Commercial vehicle theft is an enormous problem that affects many businesses and individuals. According to the FBI, more than 40,000 commercial vehicles were stolen in the United States in 2019, resulting in losses of over $1 billion. Commercial vehicle theft can disrupt business operations, damage customer relationships, increase insurance costs, and expose sensitive information.

Fortunately, there are some simple and effective ways to prevent commercial vehicle theft and protect your assets. Here are some tips to help you reduce the risk of becoming a victim of this crime:

Park in secure and well-lit areas. Parking in secure and well-lit areas can reduce the chances of your vehicles being stolen, as thieves prefer to operate in dark and isolated places. You can also use parking lots or garages that have surveillance cameras or guards.

Lock your doors and windows. Locking your doors and windows can prevent thieves from accessing your vehicles or stealing items inside them. You should also remove any valuables or documents from your vehicles when you leave them unattended.

Educate your drivers and employees. Educating your drivers and employees about the risks and consequences of commercial vehicle theft can help them be more vigilant and responsible.

While these simple solutions are an important first line of defense, sometimes they are not enough to thwart thefts. That is why FleetUp developed specific solutions to prevent vehicle theft.

FleetUp’s Protection Mode detects suspicious movement and alerts you if the vehicle moves during non-working hours. Whenever a vehicle moves more than a short distance outside its assigned location during non-working hours, users are notified in real time via email and/or SMS.

State of the art GPS tracking can help you monitor the location and movement of your vehicles. You can use FleetUp’s GPS location tracking to recover your vehicles in case they are stolen. You can share information with your security team and law enforcement to track and recover your assets.

FleetUp’s remote engine starter shutoff (immobilizers) aids authorities in catching criminals and recovering your vehicles. FleetUp’s remote engine starter shut off solution prevents the ignition from starting, so you won’t lose money or time locating or salvaging stolen vehicles.

Your vehicles are one of your  most valuable assets. By following these tips, you can prevent commercial vehicle theft and safeguard your business and personal interests. Prevention is the best remedy. By taking the necessary steps and putting the right technology in place, preventing vehicle theft might just be easier than you think.

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