The evolution of advanced cargo protection, a solution to replace container seals

For many years, container or cargo seals have been the go-to solution for shipping security. But these old standbys can no longer be counted on.

3D printing is now simple to learn, easy to use, and inexpensive enough to be accessible to nearly anyone. Convincing counterfeit container seals sometimes referred to as cargo seals, either metal or plastic, can be easily produced in less than 10 minutes.

All criminals have to do is break into a container, grab valuable goods or sneak in contraband, and replace the security seal with an identical copy.

At the same time, modern warehouse security is typically state-of-the-art. Most thieves often won’t risk indoor theft and instead wait until cargo is in transit. In 2020, only 25% of cargo was stolen from warehouses, while 71% of thefts occurred while goods were on the move.

You need a foolproof security solution. GPS trackers are more sophisticated than ever, not only tracking location but also sending automated text and email alerts whenever a lock is broken or a shipment is delayed or diverted. Plus, GPS technology can’t be faked with 3D printing.

FleetUp has developed a combination removable electronic smart lock and asset tracker that revolutionizes the way cargo is secured during transport. The FleetUp SmartLock uses active RFID, GPS and cellular technology to track intermodal containers’ conveyances. This high-security lock enables shippers, manufacturers, logistics service providers, and asset owners to actively monitor the security and integrity of cargo assets as their goods move through the supply chain. 

FleetUp’s keyless GPS SmartLock is a tamper-proof container seal and asset tracker that can be remotely locked and unlocked via the Internet or pre-approved RFID cards. It automatically notifies staff via text or email the moment a break-in occurs and provides real-time location data for your cargo so you can respond immediately. 

The FleetUp SmartLock uses a magnetic back for easy installation that requires no special tools. It features a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for months on a single charge. With the optional solar power charger, the battery life is potentially unlimited

Thieves exploit weaknesses in your operation, particularly manual processes such as arrivals and shipments. They rely on the fact that your response will be slow due to distance or hard to reach location.

FleetUp’s SmartLock technology all-in-one platform and asset trackers automate manual processes to enhance security at all stages of your operation. They perform all the typical functions of a container seal and much more.

FleetUp provides security and visibility for logistics and transportation providers. It makes tracking and monitoring cargo easier than ever before.

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